Maruti is one of the biggest and oldest car brands in India. It had the early movers advantage in our market. Over the years, it has launched cars that have become icons in the market. One such car is the Alto 800. The Alto successfully took over the baton from the 800 and took it to newer highs. But now it seems that Maruti will have to pull the curtains on the Alto 800. What is the whole scenario and why is Maruti doing it? In today’s article, let’s find out.

Latest update

Maruti Alto 800

According to latest media reports, Maruti is set to discontinue the 800cc engine in India. So why is Maruti discontinuing this engine? It is due to the upcoming Real Driving Emissions (RDE) norms that are set to come into effect from April, 2023. So Maruti would have to update the engine considerably to meet these norms which the brand is not willing to do due to diminishing demand. Even though the Alto is one of the cheapest cars in India, people are now moving towards cars from higher segments, even when buying their first car.

Going forward

Maruti Alto 800

With the 800cc engine gone, Maruti will have to discontinue the Alto 800. This is the reason why Maruti brought the 1.0-litre engine back on the Alto K10. In its current guise, this engine is capable of producing 48bhp & 69Nm of torque. 

Maruti Alto 800 – Legacy

Maruti Alto 800

The Alto 800 has been an iconic car in the Indian market. As mentioned above, it successfully took over the baton from the 800. Maruti used the same formula of the 800 on the Alto but in a better way. Maruti has over the years sold more than 40 lakh units of Alto, which clearly reflects its popularity in the country.

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