New cars shine in all glory due to their polished paint job. They are in their finest order with the paint looking absolutely perfect. Once a car is out in the environment, it starts losing its glow due to external factors. We all want our cars to have a pristine paint job which is maintained over time. All of us want to maintain that delivery shine over the years. However, stone chips, scratches, climate, etc, damage the paint which eventually reduces the value of the car and makes it look old. The paint is a major aspect that demands care. So, today, we share 5 tips to protect your car paint.

Wash your car

5 tips to protect your car paint

Washing the car is the simplest thing to do if you want to maintain your car’s paint. Cleaning your car can remove all the dirt and minute particles that blemish the overall paint look. While washing the car, make sure not to use strong pinpoint pressures. Reduce the pressure to ideal levels and do not exceed the 1900PSI range. Using proper car shampoos and cleaners can also enhance the overall shine of the car. 

5 tips to protect your car paint – Use microfibre cloth

5 tips to protect your car paint

After you wash your car, soaking it is also equally important. Make sure that you use a clean microfiber cloth for wiping. Microfibers do not scratch your paint and provide a better clean. Such clothes also offer great absorbent properties and reduce the swirls and imperfections on the paint.

Invest in PPF

5 tips to protect your car paint

Paint Protection Film is one the best ways to maintain the paint quality of a car. Adding PPF is beneficial in many ways. It protects a car from getting scratches and stone chips from many high-impact areas. It is a transparent protective layer that sits over the exterior of a car. A good quality PPF protects the original paint surface and also adds extra gloss or matte finish depending on the PPF choice. PPFs are usually an expensive addition but it helps in maintaining the paint quality drastically.

5 tips to protect your car paint – Covered parking

5 tips to protect your car paint

Covered parking is a very useful yet effective perk to have. It protects your car from adverse weather conditions and also maintains overall wear and tear. Having a closed parking spot ensures that the ultraviolet rays from the sun don’t fall on the car. This helps in maintaining the paint surface as those rays are known to face and crack the paint surface of the car. If you don’t have a covered parking spot then you can always cover your car with the OEM plastic cover.

Wax your car

5 tips to protect your car paint

If you use your car daily and park it in the open, adding a wax layer on the car would be a great option. A wax layer protects the car from the sun, ensuring that there is a protective layer between the paint surface and harmful rays.

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