Tata is a manufacturer that is soaring new heights with each passing month. From a manufacturer almost on ventilator to becoming the third-top manufacturer in India, the brand has seen it all. A major contributor to this momentum has been the Tata Nexon. The Nexon was the best-selling SUV for the entirety of this year, barring August. You might be surprised to know that the Nexon & the Curvv are related on some levels. The Tata Nexon & Curvv will share the same platform. So, in today’s article, we will be discussing the benefits of this.

Platform details

Tata Curvv platform

The Nexon is based on the X1 platform. According to reports, the Curvv will also be based on the X1 platform, but Tata will modify this platform to increase the wheelbase for Curvv. These modifications will be done to accommodate larger batteries and different powertrain options.

Tata even said that the Curvv-based EV will come with a dual-motor setup. A dual-motor setup will help Tata offer an all-wheel-drive setup on the Curvv EV.

Benefits of using the same platform

Tata Curvv platform
  • Better safety

The Nexon as we all know is a five-star rated car. Since Tata is using the same platform, we can expect similar safety standards to be achieved with the Curvv as well. We are rather expecting Tata to take the safety quotient one step ahead with the Curvv.

  • Cost-effective

Tata will save a lot of development costs by using the modified X1 platform. So how does it save costs? Tata will not have to invest in a new platform which would have been expensive. Tata can use this surplus investment in loading the Curvv with more features or price it more competitively.

  • Robust

As mentioned above, the Nexon platform is a tried & tested one. The Nexon as a product is known for its ruggedness, and we can expect the same with the Curvv as well. It is expected to give the Curvv a major boost when compared to rival SUVs. 

Tata Curvv platform – Issues

Tata Curvv platform

Pros have been talked about, but there are some cons as well. Even though the platform has been modified, it is still an old platform. So, it will not be a particularly versatile, something that rivals with newer platforms can achieve. There could be a limit to how much the platform can be fiddled with. Also, it remains to be seen how Tata manages to fit the battery packs in the Curvv.

What are your thoughts about the Curvv? Do let us know in the comments. 

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