Mahindra, after concluding the launch of the Scorpio-N has quickly moved on to promoting its next big project; Born Electric. Mahindra will be unveiling five Born Electric EVs on the 15th of August at 5 PM. Mahindra generated a lot of hype for these five SUVs via a teaser not so long ago. We got to know that all these five electric cars would either be SUVs or coupe SUVs. Mahindra has again released a teaser. This time, they have teased the touchscreen system that will come on these Born electric cars. In today’s article, let’s talk about the Mahindra Born electric touchscreen.

Mahindra EV touchscreen- New teaser

Mahindra touchscreen

Mahindra has been creating hype for its Born electric cars for the last few weeks. It has already teased that it will be unveiling five new cars on 15th of August. Now in this new teaser, we see more details about these cars. We see one of the cars with a big overhang and floor-mounted battery pack. The new teaser shows infotainment graphics displaying various functions. The graphics are minimalistic compared to the Adrenox system. What else does the teaser reveal? It shows powered seat adjustment, multi-zone climate control, music settings and ambient lighting. Also, we can see the connected infotainment and instrument cluster, which Mahindra had teased earlier. 

Mahindra touchscreen

What else do we know?

Mahindra touchscreen

Mahindra has been quite tightlipped about technical details of the ‘Born Electric cars’. We know that all the cars will be ground-up EVs with a lot of futuristic elements. Of the five models, four have a coupe-like design, while the fifth is a big SUV. All the models have been designed at Mahindra’s Advanced Design Europe studio in Oxfordshire, UK, headed by chief designer Pratap Bose. Pratap Bose has also stated that the cars Mahindra unveils on 15th August will be as close to production as possible.

What are your expectations from Mahindra’s Born Electric cars? Do let us know in the comments.

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