Maruti has its game well laid-out in the hatchback segment. Rivaling manufacturers realise that giving Maruti a fight in this space is close to impossible. This is why the Indian brand has a total of six hatchbacks in its stable. Now, out of these six is a hatchback which is definitely for someone looking for a fun-to-drive car. We are talking about the Maruti Swift. The Swift has been in the market for very long and still continues to go strong. Maruti knows this and has thus kept on bringing regular updates for it. Now, this hatchback is awaiting its next major update – a generation change. The new-generation test mule of Maruti Swift was recently spotted testing for the first time outside India. So, what all is the new-generation Swift set to come with and when could see a launch? Everything in this article.

Any design updates?

New-generation Maruti Swift

If you take a look at the Swift through all its facelifts and generation updates, you will realise that this hatchback has remained more-or-less the same when it comes to the design department. Curvy, protruding, wrap-around tail lamps, big headlamps have been the signature elements of this hatchback. Maruti had definitely upgraded it with modern trends like LED headlamps, LED tail lamps, etc. The new-generation car is expected to follow on similar lines. We might get to see re-worked design elements like new headlamps, tail lamps, alloy wheels and bumpers. One interesting thing could be the return of rear door unlock handles on the door itself, rather on the pillar as we see with the current model.

Also, in the currently-available model, the bonnet line adjusts with the headlamps, however, in the new-generation, the headlamps will sit below the bonnet, giving it a more uniform look. Even the C-pillar would see some minor changes and would mostly let go off the floating roof design. Although not much is known about the interiors, but it is still expected that Maruti would significantly tweak the interiors.

New-generation Maruti Swift – Any specification changes?

New-generation Maruti Swift

The new-gen Maruti Swift is said to come based on a slightly updated version of the Heartect platform. These updates are said to make the Swift more safe. In terms of mechanical changes, nothing major is expected. Maruti might slightly re-tune the 1.2-litre Dual Jet engine for more power and mileage.

What about features?

New-generation Maruti Swift

We expect the new Swift to get a lot of upgrades in terms of features. Maruti has started to pay a lot of attention when it comes to this department. A 9.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system, HUD, Suzuki Connect, wireless charging, etc. could be on the feature list.

New-generation Maruti Swift – So, when is it coming?

New-generation Maruti Swift

The new-generation Maruti Swift is expected to make its debut sometime next year. In India, the launch could probably happen around the second half of 2023. However, before that, Maruti is expected to launch the much-awaited Jimny 5-door in the country. Are you excited for the new Maruti Swift? Let us know in the comments.

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