MG has been subtly playing in the Indian market. The brand might not make a lot of noise but definitely has a fan base for its cars. MG has always focused on bringing something new to the market with every car that it launches; whether it be gambling with an EV, Personal AI in Astor, ADAS in Astor & Gloster or a big portrait touchscreen in the Hector. The brand always leaves a unique touch with its cars for the customer to cherish and this is exactly what is going to happen once again. The new Hector will offer a feature which will be first for the country and definitely for the segment. What is this new feature for the MG Hector and what else will the SUV offer? Everything in this article.

MG Hector new feature

new MG Hector feature

MG Hector was the first car in the country to offer a potrait touchscreen infotainment system which definitely caught everyone’s attraction. Although, the UI was laggy, it still made the cabin look cool. Now, the biggest news today is that MG has teased a new touchscreen for the Hector. The brand has decided to upsize the screen even further and the new one will measure 14.0-inch. Moreover, the screen will now come with slimmer bezels. MG has also removed multiple buttons below the screen and the whole unit now looks like a rectangular slab. The official image also reveals that the screen will only come with three touch capacitative buttons (expected to be volume up/down and screen on/off) on the bezel and the other integrated within the screen itself. We expect MG to have worked on the UI to offer a smooth experience.

What else does the official image reveal?

new MG Hector feature

Although MG’s plan was just to tease the new screen, however, we do get to see some surround details as well. The new-generation MG Hector will come with horizontally-placed AC vents, shedding the current vertical ones.  Moreover, we get to see the reworked centre console which integrated with the screen and looks very premium. We also get to see square push start/stop button, replacing the current circular one. We also get to see a slight glimpse of the fully-digital instrument cluster. The unit looks very similar to the one offer on the Astor. One more interesting thing to note is that the gear lever has been updated. We will keep you posted as further details emerge.

What else to expect from the new MG Hector?

new MG Hector feature

The MG Hector will come with a reworked overall design. Regular changes like new grille, new bumpers, new alloys, etc. are expected. Moreover, the headlamp and tail lamp units will come with a new design. Apart from this, we expect to see some new features with the biggest one being ADAS. Mechanically, the Hector is expected to be the same. However, any bump in power is welcomed.


If rumours are to be believed, the new-generation MG Hector is set to launch by the end of this year.

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