Toyota Fortuner is the most successful SUV in its segment hands-down. The full-size SUV has been enjoying a monopoly in the segment ever since Ford Endeavour took an exit. Although Toyota does not need to do much to market it, the brand still keeps updating the Fortuner regularly, with the latest example being the Fortuner GR-S edition. However, Toyota has started working on the next-generation Toyota Fortuner. So, what new will this SUV offer? Will its price increase further? Everything in this article.

When can we expect it in India?

Next-generation Toyota Fortuner

Toyota has plans to launch the next-generation Fortuner in 2023 in Thailand. Post that, the Fortuner will start reaching other markets. This means that we can expect the new Fortuner in the country by the end of 2023 or in 2024. We discuss the pricing later on in the story, but do let us know your price expectations of the next-gen Fortuner.

Next-generation Toyota Fortuner updates

Next-generation Toyota Fortuner

Toyota is working on a mild-hybrid diesel engine for the next-generation Fortuner. Toyota will mate the 2.8-litre diesel engine with a mild hybrid setup. The mild hybrid setup will consist of an alternator which will help the car during acceleration from standstill and will also power the car at lower RPMs. But what is the benefit of this? This assistance from the alternator will result in reduced pollution and improved fuel-efficiency. This will ultimately help Toyota in getting in-line with the CAFE 2 norms in the country. Another thing that the next-generation Fortuner will come with is the TNGA-F platform. The SUV will let go of the current IMV platform. The TNGA-F platform can easily accommodate the 2.8-litre diesel unit along with the mild hybrid setup.

What else can change?

Next-generation Toyota Fortuner

Being based on a new platform will result in some significant changes on the next-generation Toyota Fortuner. We can expect a completely new design along with new body panels, new headlamps, new tail lamps, etc. Can we get to see some new features? Possibly. But, what do you think does the Toyota Fortuner miss out upon when compared to the competition? Let us know in the comments.


Here comes the tricky part. Toyota has significantly incremented the prices of this SUV over the years. As of today, the Fortuner starts from Rs 38.14 lakh and goes till Rs 48.61 lakh (on-road, Mumbai), barring the special variants. Now, as much as we would love to see some drop in the prices of this SUV, it is highly unlikely that Toyota would do so, since it clearly has its monopoly in the segment. Moreover, with the new-generation car, Toyota would want to recover the extra costs incurred as quickly as possible. However, this is our take. What do you think? Does Toyota need to chill with the Fortuner pricing? Let us know in the comments.

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