The lifestyle SUV segment has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. Majorly, the Thar and to some extent, the Gurkha, both have contributed to this growth. However, the segment remains a niche area as these SUVs are not practical for everyday use due to a couple of reasons. So manufacturers are working on 5-door variants of these SUVs. Thar and Gurkha both will be getting a 5-door variant, joining them will be the long-awaited Maruti Jimny 5-door. We have been covering all three cars in depth, but today our main focus will be the Mahindra Thar 5-door as there is a new development. So, let’s begin.

Latest update

new 5-door Thar

The Thar 5-door will be based on the heavily modified ladder-on-frame chassis used in the Scorpio-N. How are we so sure? Mahindra’s head of Automotive Product Development, R Velusamy has confirmed this development. The modifications done on the Scorpio-N chassis improve its handling and stiffness. With these changes extended to the Thar 5-door, it is expected to offer great handling as well.

What else can we expect?

new 5-door Thar

The Thar 5-door could be as wide as the Scorpio-N, but the length would be lesser due to Scorpio-N’s extra third row. As mentioned above, the Thar 5-door will handle similar to the Scorpio-N. What about the design changes? The Thar 5-door could get a more premium design than the 3-door version. It could get a new grille with chrome elements, adding the bling factor. The side profile could see the biggest change due to the extra length. What about the rear? The rear fascia could get a new touch with slightly tweaked tail lamps.

Specifications and features

new 5-door Thar

Mahindra has engines with varied tunings in its arsenal. What they arm the Thar 5-door with is still a question. However, the engines could mostly be borrowed from the Scorpio-N. According to reports, 4×4 will not come standard on all the variants. Why is Mahindra doing this? The only logical reasoning is to make the starting price more affordable. What about features? It could get new features like a 360-degree camera, wireless charging and automatic climate control.

Launch timeline

new 5-door Thar

The Thar 5-door is confirmed to be under development. According to media reports, Mahindra could showcase the concept car at the Auto Expo 2023. The launch may follow sometime later. What about the rivals? The Gurkha 5-door is expected to be launched first, as we have already seen the spy shots of the production car. After that, we could see the Jimny 5-door, and the last entrant could be the Thar 5-door.

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