Tata continues to show its growth in the EV space. The Nexon EV is the top-selling electric car in India. But now Tata is taking it to the next level, or rather we can say to the ‘MAX’ level. It is gearing up to launch the long-range version of the Nexon EV called the Nexon EV Max. Before the launch tomorrow, the brand has revealed a slew of new features the Nexon EV Max will get. In today’s article, let’s discuss some upcoming features of the Nexon EV Max.

What is this new feature?

Nexon EV Max features

Tata will be launching the Nexon EV Max tomorrow. The event is supposed to take place at 11:30am. Before the launch, Tata Motors has started teasing some new features of the EV Max. It has already teased wireless charging and an electronic parking brake with auto hold. Other confirmed features include drive modes and an illuminated gear lever.¬†This is the first time that Nexon as a product is getting features like auto hold, electronic parking brake and wireless charging. However, truth be told, it was high time Tata offered wireless charging with the Nexon. Almost every car in its segment gets this feature. We expect the above mentioned features to trickle down to the ICE-powered car as well. These features could further help in skyrocketing the Nexon’s sales.

Other expected features on the Nexon EV MAX

Nexon EV Max features

Tata seems to be going all out with features on the Nexon EV Max. We expect it to get other features like air purifier, auto-dimming IRVM and ventilated front seats. The ICE-powered Nexon already comes with all these features. We expect the EV to come with some more blue highlights in the interiors to highlight its ‘MAX’ nature.

What does this mean for Nexon?

Nexon EV Max features

This is completely speculative, but as mentioned above, these features could surely trickle down to the ICE-powered Nexon in the future. Wireless charging has become a common feature in this segment but currently, no car in its segment comes with an electronic parking brake. So it will be quite a segment-first if the Nexon can get an electronic parking brake with auto hold.

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