Whenever we buy a car, we do look at the mileage figures that the brand claims to offer with the car. However, when we drive the same car and are unable to achieve those high figures, we either feel cheated or we blame the car. However the bitter truth is that we don’t drive the car correctly to achieve those figures. In this article, we will discuss a few points that will help you drive with better fuel efficiency.

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Drive with better fuel efficiency – Tyre Pressure

drive with better fuel efficiency

Correct tyre pressure is one of the most ignored factor in cars. Checking the tyre pressure before starting a trip is rarely practiced by car owners. If the tyre pressure is low, the engine has to work harder to pull the car that leads to more fuel consumption. If the tyre pressure is too high, that can also cause a problem while handling and driving. One should always refer to the tyre pressure sticker in the car that mentions the optimum and best tyre pressure. This plays a major role in improving the fuel efficiency of your car.

Accelerator and Brake

drive with better fuel efficiency

Sudden braking and random acceleration hamper the fuel efficiency of a car. The best way to brake and accelerate is to do it in a linear fashion. Only in time of an emergency, should sudden inputs be made. The constant revving of the engine causes an increase in fuel consumption and decreases fuel efficiency. If fuel efficiency is your top priority, never push the car to its limits.

Revving the engine

drive with better fuel efficiency

Changing gears at correct RPM is the key. For cars that don’t have an RPM metre, engine noise can be a good indication for RPM and correct gear shifting pattern. For cars that have an RPM metre, always keep it below the red line. Moreover, you should never let the engine come below 900 RPM. Ideally, 2200 RPM to 2300 RPM is the best spot to change gears. You should also try to go for the top gear as quickly as possible with the correct RPM. In modern cars, cruise control also helps to maintain fuel efficiency.

Drive with better fuel efficiency – Car Air Conditioner

drive with better fuel efficiency

People in India feel that AC always causes a decrease in fuel efficiency, regardless of the situation. In many situations, running your car AC at a low speed delivers better fuel efficiency compared to avoiding AC altogether. In bumper to bumper city traffic, keeping the AC off is your best bet to keep the fuel efficiency high.

Cruising on a highway requires you to keep your windows closed to decrease drag and use AC at a low speed to get the best fuel mileage. Not using AC while driving on the highway will lead to the engine working harder to pull the car, ultimately leading to mileage loss.

Car Service and Maintenance

drive with better fuel efficiency

A properly maintained and regularly serviced machine can perform at its best at any given time. Oil levels and other components should be regularly checked to keep the vehicle’s health at peak performance.  Irregular and cheap maintenance can lead to poor performance of the car. You should always follow the company’s recommended time interval for service.

Fuel Quality

drive with better fuel efficiency

Any type of premium fuel does not lead to improved fuel efficiency in the real world. If the premium fuel comes with cleansers, it may increase the life expectancy of your car’s engine. You should always fill fuel from a trusted/known source. Also changing fuel stations regularly is a great idea to compare different fuel stations and fuel quality. You should also avoid a full fuel tank while driving in the city. The extra fuel leads to added weight and affects the fuel efficiency of your car.     

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