Rising fuel prices have somehow forced automakers to explore other options to be considered while manufacturing new cars. Some automakers are going for all Electric Vehicle versions of their best selling cars while some are considering a middle path where they enjoy the best of both worlds. They are going with the hybrid versions of their popular cars. Honda is one of them and now planning to bring in their most popular model, the Honda City in a Hybrid version.

Price and Launch

Currently, the Honda City is sold for Rs 11 to Rs 18 Lakh (ex-showroom). The Hybrid version will be priced at around Rs 15 to Rs 18 Lakh (ex-showroom).

Honda City Hybrid Design

Everything remains unchanged as far as the looks and exteriors of the car are considered. The car is the same as Honda City Petrol or Diesel only thing that differentiates the Hybrid is the badging of “e: HEV” in the front and the rear.


The car gets a proper hybrid engine and not a mild hybrid that we see in some cars that are currently available as hybrids in India. The Honda City Hybrid gets three driving modes: Engine Drive, Electric drive, and Hybrid Drive.
In Engine Drive mode the car will be use petrol and drive as a normal petrol car. In Electric Drive mode the car will use power from the battery and drive as a fully electric vehicle. And in the Hybrid Drive mode, the car will utilize battery power and once the battery level reaches reserve then the engine will switch to petrol mode. The car also gets a Power Charge Meter which displays the battery power levels and the driving modes selected when in use.

Honda City Hybrid Engine

The Honda City Hybrid will continue to have the same 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine which used to produce 97bhp and 127Nm of torque. The hybrid engine with its electric motors will be able to produce 109bhp and 253Nm of torque. Where normal petrol Honda City delivers a mileage of 17kmpl this Honda Hybrid is expected to deliver a mileage of 27kmpl. This will make the Honda City Hybrid one of the most fuel-efficient cars available in India. The car will be heavy by 110kg because of the hybrid tech and batteries. The boot space is also reduced from 506-litre to 410-litre to accommodate the large batteries, there’s no spare tyre but a repair kit is provided. The Honda City Hybrid gets disc brakes on all four wheels so that braking becomes easy with all the increased power and torque. The Honda City Hybrid gets ADAS in the variants sold in Thailand and Malaysia. Some of the Indian automakers have even started including ADAS in their cars that are being launched in India. We expect the Honda City Hybrid to come with level one ADAS to start with.

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