Hyundai Verna is a mid-sized sedan that was introduced back in 2006 in India. The car has for sure evolved over the years but the overall popularity of sedans has seen a downward curve. The Verna currently faces stiff competition from other brands in its segment. Hyundai is planning to bring in the new generation of Verna to stay updated and face the competition. In this article, we will discuss ten things we expect the new generation Hyundai Verna to get.

Increased Length

New generation Hyundai Verna

The Hyundai Verna will come with revised dimension in its new generation update. The length will surely increase for this mid-sized sedan. This will result in improved cabin space for this car, offering more legroom and knee room in the cabin.

Second-row space

New generation Hyundai Verna

The biggest pain point in the current generation Verna was the cramped second-row. The second row of Verna did lack knee room, shoulder room, and headroom. Hyundai is expected to make necessary changes to the Verna in order to make it more spacious, especially in the second row.

Bigger touchscreen infotainment system

New generation Hyundai Verna

The new generation Hyundai Verna will have a bigger 10.25-inch floating touchscreen infotainment system. The bigger touchscreen system will be improved in respect of user interface and touch response.

Fully-digital instrumental cluster

New generation Hyundai Verna

All recent mid-sized sedans have started offering fully-digital instrument cluster. Hyundai will be offering a fully-digital instrument cluster with customisable options to match personal preferences. This unit is expected to be the one that Hyundai offers with the i20.

New technology 

New generation Hyundai Verna

The new generation Verna is expected to be offered with improved Blue Link technology. This will add more features in the new generation of Verna’s connected car techn. This might also include engine start-stop and AC controls via the Blue Link app installed on your smartphone.

360-degree camera

New generation Hyundai Verna

The Hyundai Verna is expected to be the first mid-size sedan that will get a 360-degree camera. This will make living with the car a bit easy. Parking in tight spots will also become easy with the help of a 360-degree camera.

Improved engine tune

New generation Hyundai Verna

The engine offered with the Hyundai Verna is expected to undergo minor re-tuning. This minor re-tuning is expected to bring out more power from the engine. More power will help the Verna give a tough competition to the upcoming Skoda Slavia.

N Line variant

New generation Hyundai Verna

The new generation Verna could also get its own N Line variant. This will be over and above the top-end variant of the Verna. The N Line variant will be targeted to cater buyers that want something extra out of this mid-sedan.

Overall design changes

New generation Hyundai Verna

Previously, Hyundai used the ‘Fluidic’ design language in the Verna, Elantra, Sonata, and even Creta. This was later upgraded to the ‘Sensuous Sportiness’ design language. The new generation Verna is expected to continue this design language but with some changes done to the headlamps, tail lamps and alloys.

Improved sunroof features

New generation Hyundai Verna

Currently, the Hyundai Verna offers an electric sunroof. The new generation Verna could offer the same sunroof but with some more features. The brand might add ‘anti-pinch’ feature and voice-enabled’ feature to the sunroof. This will enhance the overall convenience of the passengers.

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