The Union minister of roads and transport, Nitin Gadkari, has been quite vocal regarding his ambitions regarding the Indian roads. He has been unveiling a wide variety of projects and has been giving his ambitious vision related to Indian roads. In a recent event, Nitin Gadkari has made another big announcement. In today’s article, we will see what this big announcement is and its implications. 

What is the new announcement?

Indian roads

Nitin Gadkari recently laid out the foundation stone of 25 national highway projects planned for Jammu & Kashmir. During these events, Nitin Gadkari emphasised that road infrastructure in Jammu & Kashmir will be revamped to match the standards in Europe in the upcoming years. He also claimed that overall Indian roads will become as good as the roads in the USA. These new highways and tunnels will accelerate the rate of development and tourism in Jammu and Kashmir. In addition to this, highways in other states will get refurbished to reduce travelling time between major cities. Gadkari emphasised that development is impossible without good roads and transportation. This is the reason why the government is focusing on improving motorways in India. 

Big projects happening around India.

Indian roads

A lot of big highway projects are happening all over India. Some of the prominent ones include the 1047km Ganga expressway being constructed in Uttar Pradesh. This highway will run parallel to the Ganga river connecting a lot of major cities in UP. The Mumbai Nagpur expressway is another prominent project. Delhi-Mumbai is another priority project connecting the two biggest cities in India. The total length of this expressway is 1,350km. The combined length of expressways under construction amounts to 10,647.524 km. There are several proposed or planned expressways on which construction will soon take place. 

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