Features have become an important selling point in the Indian car market. More the unique features, the more the chances of the car selling well. A lot of features are introduced in the luxury car before making their way to more mass-market cars. Cars in Rs 10 lakh already come with a lot of features. But due to the competition, manufacturers are bringing even more features. In today’s article, we will see features Rs 10 lakh SUVs should get.

Ventilated seats

Rs 10 lakh SUVs features

Ventilated seats are a must-have feature in our hot and humid climate conditions. Earlier, these seats were offered in luxury cars, but now more and more cars are getting them. Currently, only Sonet comes with ventilated seats in this price range. It will be a welcome addition to other cars in this price range.

Proper automatic gearboxes

The automatic gearbox is quickly gaining popularity in the Indian market. They offer ease of driving and convenience in our crowded cities. But some manufacturers are providing AMT gearboxes in this price segment known for its sluggish and jerky nature. At this price, all cars should come with smooth automatic gearboxes.

Rs 10 lakh SUVs features- 360-degree camera

Rs 10 lakh SUVs features

A 360-degree camera is a great feature to have in SUVs in our crowded cities. It can be really helpful while parking the car in tight spaces. Safety-wise also it is a great feature as it provides a 3D model of our surroundings. Currently, no SUV in this segment gets this feature.

Better safety

Safety has become an important aspect of the Indian car industry. People are inclining towards cars with better safety equipment. To this effect, manufacturers should add more passive and active safety features in their cars. All cars in this should get active safety features like four airbags and ESP. 

Rs 10 lakh SUVs features – Wireless connectivity

Wireless Replication Kiger

Wireless connectivity is quickly gaining popularity. With the advancement in tech, wireless connectivity is becoming must have feature. Wireless connectivity in the car provides great convenience. It also provides an uncluttered cabin experience. 

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