MG has been enjoying good sales in the country. Hector was the first product launched by MG in India. It revolutionized its segment with its size and segment-first features. MG also priced it competitively to undercut the competition. But now, the competition in this segment has heated even more with the arrival of XUV700 and Safari Gold editions. MG is expected to bring get some new changes to counter them. In today’s article, we will see three new features MG hector will get.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

MG Gloster ADAS

MG was one of the first manufacturers to provide ADAS in India. It had debuted the system on the Gloster. Recently they also unveiled the MG Astor with ADAS (level 2). Considering how important Hector is to MG, they will bring ADAS on it. Also, a point to note is Wuling Almaz, which is rebadged Hector sold in Indonesia, was spied with ADAS. This clearly shows that MG is ready with the technology for this car. Like the Astor, MG will bring (Level 2) ADAS on the Hector. The (Level 2) ADAS will come with a forward collision warning, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, intelligent headlamps control, lane keep assist and much more. this will be one of the most important new features MG hector will get.

Diesel automatic

MG Hector Diesel

The Hector comes with both petrol and diesel engine options. It gets automatic gearbox options on its petrol engines. But the absence of an automatic on its diesel in this segment is a big miss. As this big car segment is dominated by diesel engines, MG will surely bring the diesel automatic.

New infotainment

MG hector Screen

The Hector gets one of the biggest infotainment screens in the industry. But, its 10.4-inch is not the best compared to other cars. The UI of this system is a bit laggy, making it hard to use. MG should improve this to full utilize the big size of its infotainment system. A new UI will be a great new feature on the MG Hector.

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