Tesla, the world’s biggest EV maker is on its way to initiate its stint in the country. The brand has already registered an office in Bengaluru and an HQ in Lower Parel, Mumbai. Many state governments are now trying to woo the American EV giant for setting up its factory in their state. The recent offer was from the Gujarat government which has offered Tesla free-of-cost 1000 hectares of land in Mundra. The quick succession of events hints at an imminent debut here. There is something else as well that is giving us clear hints regarding the brand’s imminent debut; the latest spy shots of a Tesla Model 3 undergoing testing. In today’s article, we will try to gather information based on the latest spy shots of the Tesla Model 3 that has been spied.

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What information do the spy shots reveal?

Tesla Model 3 spied testing

The spy shots clearly reveal that it a Model 3 that is being tested. Tesla Model 3 is also expected to be the first car from the brand since it is the most affordable Tesla available in the international markets, as of today. Although the car has been heavily camouflaged, we can clearly see Tesla’s special Aero Wheel covers that have been developed keeping aerodynamic efficiency in mind. The design of these wheel covers thus helps in improving range figures. Apart from this, no significant information is being revealed. With the initial Teslas coming via the CBU route, we do not expect to see any major changes on the car when compared to the international model.

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What could the Model 3 come with?

The Tesla Model 3 is available in three variants (Standard Plus, Performance, Long Range AWD) when it comes to the international markets. The Standard Plus variant comes with a 423km range and gets a rear-wheel-drive setup. The Long Range AWD variant comes with a 563km range and gets an all-wheel-drive setup. The Performance variant gets a 507km range and gets an all-wheel-drive setup. The Performance variant can achieve a 0-97km/h in 3.1sec. We expect the brand to launch the Standard Plus variant initially since the prices would need to be kept competitive. We expect the brand to price the Model 3 somewhere close to Rs 60 lakhs (ex-showroom). Also, the car is expected to launch somewhere around the end of this year or in Q1 next year. Model X, Model Y and Model S are expected to follow after the Model 3 is launched.

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