We have been using the Nissan Magnite for a month now. After driving this car for this period of time we have come across a lot of things that we want to share with you. In this article, we will give you a lot of facts, details and insights about the Nissan Magnite and also tell you about our experience with this car for a month.

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Seat Comfort

The seats are quite comfortable. The seats are comfortable even while driving in the city as well as they do not cause fatigue while driving on the highway. The first main reason is that the seats are wide the accommodate all sizes and shapes of people. Secondly, the seats are not too hard not too soft they are firm. The disadvantages of seats being soft is that you end up sinking to the seat where the jolts and bombs are transferred directly to your body. Lastly adding to all this is good thigh support which is important for the driver while travelling long distances.

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Wireless connectivity

The Nissan Magnite offers wireless connectivity at a lower price range. This allows you to wirelessly connect your phone using android auto and Apple CarPlay. This feature is usually seen in high-end cars. We can slowly notice that the wireless Andriod Auto and Apple CarPlay technology is quite better than connecting the infotainment and playing music via bluetooth. Also, it avoids the mess of wires that clog the centre console. The Magnite offers a clean experience which is very easy to use. 

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The infotainment system also provides a great audio experience as it is connected to a set of six JBL speakers. The audio quality is amazing and it adds to your road trip and driving experience. Also, stay tuned for our next video on our channel,  where we will make sure that you hear out those different sounds which show us the range of these JBL speakers.

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Wireless Charging

Now Nissan has thought about people using wireless connectivity and this might cause their phones to drain the battery. So the wireless charging feature on the Nissan Magnite is somewhat necessary if you are going to use the wireless connectivity feature. If it had not been in place you would have to carry a wire to just charge the phone. Also, as phones are getting the wireless charging feature more commonly automakers should understand this and add the charging feature on most of their vehicles.

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Driving experience

Take a look at the video to get a clear idea of the driving experience with the Nissan Maginte.

Nissan Magnite Mileage

If you want to know about the mileage, the car has not been driven much in city traffic due to lockdown. The approximate mileage that you get on the manual variant is between 13 to 16 km/litre. You might get a slightly better average with the CVT gearbox but it all depends upon the driver’s driving style. The engine is in its self is an efficiently tuned engine. The mileage of this car on the highway has not been tested but we think that it will be in the same range.

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Nissan Magnite Headlights

Looking at the design of the headlights we thought that this was a style only feature and the usability might be hampered. But when we compare it during our ASLI TEST it had amazing reach and spread compared to other competitors. Also, while driving through the rain now we think that the headlights have done a great job even while being white lights.

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Nissan Magnite Safety

Airbags are not the only determining factor when it comes to safety cars. Because tested in the GNCAP or ASEAN NCAP are lower variants too that come with lesser airbags. We are not saying that airbags are completely useless but they are not the only deciding factor. Active safety features like vehicle dynamic control, traction control, anti-roll bars and hill assist are some of the features that are quite useful in preventing an accident rather than saving you after an accident. In the ASEAN NCAP Safety test, this car gets four stars safety rating. This is good for a vehicle whose base model is priced at approximately Rs 6.6 lakhs (0n-road, Mumbai).

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Nissan Magnite Handling

Now if you want a vehicle under Rs 10 lakhs that handles well it is really a good option but it might not be able to satisfy an enthusiast. If you look at the balance of ride quality and handling then the Nissan Magnite has nailed it. Also, the car has a light steering wheel to maneuver around the city, plus feels decently peppy and fun while driving fast

This was the one month review of the night. We are going to spend more time with this and bring you a 10,000 km long term review soon. Do let us know in the comments which part of this video pinned above did you like the most.

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