Driving a car is not a difficult task once learned and experienced properly. With proper practice, you can learn to drive a car, and once learnt, other things automatically follow. However, there are some things that need conscious effort. Taking care of them will help you enhance your fuel efficiency and will ultimately teach you to use the functions of your car effectively. Today’s article will deal with one such element. In this article, we will discuss how you can effectively use defogger and climate control in your car. Let’s go.

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How to use climate control?

Using climate control in a car is a no-brainer. Turning it on and setting it to the most suitable temperature will work. However, you need to realize that the temperature that you set can affect the mileage of the car as well. If the temperature is set quite low, the AC system will consume more energy to cool the cabin, ultimately lowering your mileage figures. On the contrary, if the temperature is set too high, it will not be effective and the purpose of turning on the AC will be nullified. Thus, setting your AC to 24-degrees sets the car for effective cooling and at the same time, returns a good fuel efficiency.

Along with this, during extremely hot conditions, the most effective way to cool the car would be to turn on the blower to maximum speed (with the AC turned off) and rolling down the windows. This will quickly remove hot air from the cabin. After a minute or two, the windows can be rolled back up, and turning on the AC now will result in much better cabin cooling. Following these steps, fuel efficiency can again be increased.

How to drive safely in rains?

How to use defogger?

The defogger plays a crucial role, especially in rainy and winter seasons. During the winter and rainy season or in high altitude locations, the outside temperatures are low. On the contrary, the car cabin is at a higher temperature when compared to the outside. Due to the temperature difference, the water vapours start condensing on the windshield, slowly turning it into a translucent screen. This can be fatal and requires immediate action. Defogger helps in this purpose. The defogger increases the temperature of the windshield, evaporating the water from the windshield surface, ultimately clearing it off. Now, although the defogger can work really well, however, coupling it with climate control can prove to be more effective. With the defogger re-evaporating the water, turning on the air conditioning will dry out the air, making the cabin moisture-free. Also, the best way to defog the windshield would be to just roll down the windows. This will allow normal air to enter the car and with regulated temperature, the windshield would quickly clear off.

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