Driving safely and just driving for the sake of it has a very thin line between it. In this article, we are going to mention 5 things you have been doing wrong while driving. These are small things you do unknowingly but they tend to make a big difference. After reading these 5 things implement in your daily driving and let us know about the change you feel.

Holding the Steering

Gripping the steering wheel will decide if you enjoy the drive or will feel tired. Now as a daily driver you need not aggressively hold it with tight grips. But the angle should be inspired by race drivers. A lot of drivers grip the steering at the bottom or hold it with one hand. This poses 2 main hazards which put the hands in the line of airbags. Hold the steering at 9 and 2 o’clock i.e. opposite to each other gives you a maximum moment for your hand when you need to turn. If done wrong, driving with crossed arms could potentially put you in danger if the airbags deploy and require you to keep adjusting your hand off the steering to make the car turn. Keep your hands in the 9 and 2 o’clock position, always.

If you are driving more aggressively on a road going through twisties you can 8 and  3 o’clock position to get the advantage of push and pull strength on both hands.

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Indicators in Rain

Rains cause a drastic drop in visibility. In order to counter this a lot of drivers switch on their hazard lights to increase their visibility to others. Instead, we suggest that just switch on the headlight or parking lamps which will turn on the brake light. If your car has rear fog lamps then make sure you use that instead of indicators. We are suggesting this because this will help keep your indicators free to indicate if you are going to turn on make a lane change.

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Brake before you clutch

The clutch is used to let the engine move freely when changing the torque load (shifting gears) and building load (starting off). The logic behind a lot of people using the clutch before braking is that it takes the stress off your engine. Brakes do not put stress on the engine. Instead, the engine also aids in slowing down if you lift off your foot from the accelerator. A lot of people press the clutch and brake because they think it saves fuel. The amount of fuel that you end up saving is negligible. This is one of those wrong things while driving which have become a habit to a lot of people and they will take some time to brake it off.

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Open the door with your opposite hand

Make sure that you use the opposite hand to open the door. This will turn your body towards the window and naturally force you to check the mirror and put your peripheral vision toward the side and back of the vehicles. This technique helps in avoiding major accidents which can happen due to negligence in opening the door.

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Using Modes incorrectly

A lot of modern cars get driver modes. These are usually city, eco and sport. For fuel economy a lot of times you end up using eco mode. Now you should remember that if you drive aggressively in the eco mode it will consume more fuel than regular mode. These modes are developed keeping in mind one standard performance. Once you are on the highway, use eco mode. In the city, the city or default mode is best and if you are driving uphill or need overtaking power, switch to sport. So do use the required mode according to the situation. Optimum performance is better than over compensating.

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