You might know Bill Gates as the billionaire tech guy who owns Microsoft and is a philanthropist; however, what you might not know is that he is an avid car enthusiast as well. Bill Gates has also owned a really special and exclusive car at some point in his life. In this article, we will discuss cars owned by Bill Gates. Let’s go.

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Let’s talk about a regular car from the man’s garage before we move on to his expensive rides. He owned a Ford Focus back in the day and used it daily. Bill Gates drove a Ford Focus on his last day at work too. This happened way back in 2008.


Bill Gates cars

Bill Gates is a big-time Porsche fan. He has owned many Porches in his lifetime, some of them being very rare. After the success of Microsoft, he bought himself a 1979 Porsche 911, which later was put up for auction. He later moved on to buy a Porsche 930 (911 Turbo), which he called the ‘Rocket’, emphasizing on the speeds it could take him to. He sold it later. Porsche 959 is one of the most exclusive cars from his garage. There were only 337 masterpieces ever to be built making one of the rarest cars of its time. The car was a perfect blend of design and technology. He later sold this car as well. Coming to his latest Porsche car, he currently owns a Taycan. The Porsche Taycan is the brand’s first EV.

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Bill Gates, although likes fast Porsches, he also owns some Mercedes’ as well. The Microsoft founder owns a Mercedes S-Class, a luxury sedan with plush interiors, which does suit his businessman persona. He also owns a Mercedes V220d. Back in 2000, he was also the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz 2000 SL500, which he later sold off in 2002.


Bill Gates cars

Lexus LS400 is another car that Bill Gates owned. The car is said to be owned by him from 1990 to 1995. A Lexus is regular when compared to his possessions from Porsche but still is part of Bill Gates cars.

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Bill Gates once owned a Ferrari 348, which he spun into the sand. This event eventually led to his car being called ‘Gates Dune Buggy’. The most expensive kind of dune buggy for sure had to be a Ferrari for the worlds most richest man at the time.

Now in the last few days he has split from his long-time wife, Melinda French Gates. While many of his material assets like cars are not known to public yet, a lot of people believe that his hidden supercars and exotics if he has any will be also divided between the separated couple. All we can say about this speculation is – once you divorce one 0f the richest men in the world you really don’t becom automatically poor. We don’t know if any plans haven been disclosed about Melinda French getting any cars but let’s just say – she will have more than enough money to buy any car she fancies in the future too.

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