Apart from being Captain Cool and scaling Indian cricket too great new heights, MS Dhoni is a gearhead too. He is a big bike enthusiast and also has a good collection of bikes. Here are some of the bikes that are in MS Dhoni’s garage. Take a look at the very varied list and let us know which one do you like the most.

Confederate Hellcat X132

The most exotic bike in MS Dhoni’s collection is the Confederate Hellcat X132. He is the only person who owns this bike in South East Asia. This bike had been added to his collection in 2018. It uses titanium which makes its light for its size weight only 227 kg. It runs on a 2.2-liter V-twin engine making 132 bhp and 200 Nm of torque. The bike costs almost 47 lakhs.

MS Dhoni's garage Confederate Hellcat X132

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Kawasaki Ninja H2

This bike has been the latest purchase in MS Dhoni’s garage. It costs about 35 lakhs. The H2 is a turbo-charged 4 cylinder 998cc bike. MS Dhoni has been spotted multiple times riding this green mean Kawasaki.

MS Dhoni's garage Kawaskai

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Harley Davidson Fat Boy

The Harley Davidson Fat Boy is a classic Harley that many yearn to own. It makes 77 bhp and 132 Nm of torque. The bike has a 1690cc air-cooled engine.

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Ducati 1098

This was a used bike in MS Dhoni’s garage. It has a 1098cc engine which makes 160 bhp of power. This is the bike on which the modern-day Panigale v4 is based. The R version of this bike made 180 bhp and was a completely track-focused machine.

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Kawasaki ZX 14R

The ZX 14R is the oldest among imported bikes that MS Dhoni owns. This is the bike was priced at Rs 16 lakhs back when he had got it. Now the bike is priced close to 20 lakh. This Kawasaki has a 1441cc engine which makes 200 bhp and 148 Nm of torque. This is a low flying missile for anyone who want to do really fast sports touring.

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Below are some of the Indian bikes that you can find in MS Dhoni’s garage.


This bike is a 110cc 2 stroke bike. It was priced at Rs 18,000 back in its time. It made 14 bhp and had a lightweight chassis and came with a four speed gearbox. This bikes retro charm is still that enthusiasts love.


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TVS Apache RTR 450 FX Dirt

This was a special gift from TVS to MS Dhoni and we all are jealous. This rally ready bike has a 450cc engine that is paired to a six-speed gearbox with a hydraulic clutch. It has a 32 litre endurance tank and weighs just 138kgs. It also gets an Akrapovic exhaust and other technology one can expect from only a bigger Dakar bike. TVS please sell this to us.

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Yamaha RD 350

MS Dhoni has a few RD 350s. This bike was the Duke 390 of its time. The brakes were the only downside to this bike. This bike just goes on to show how big of a fan of motorcycling Dhoni is.

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