250cc bikes are the perfect entry-level sporty bikes. These are fast enough to get you hooked to riding and not that intimidating that you will be scared of riding forever. Perfect amount of power for the city is matched with the different types of ergonomics. Here is a list of all the different types of 250cc bikes in India. Choose which one suits your riding style and let us know in the comments.



The FZ-25 had been refreshed for 2021. The bike has got good styling now but the engine has lost all its power in BS6 iteration. The FZ 25 does not feel like a 250cc bike and need a desperate power upgrade. The riding ergonomics are also a bit jumbled where the handle bars are raised but stretched out. Also the lack of a 6th gear is sometimes felt of the highway. But overall for the city, the bike is very comfortable.



Gixxer 250

Gixxer 250 is a bike that has a very mature engine. This engine is quick but does not scare. It has good power and the lack of weight being naked makes the bike a bit more flickable. The Gixxer 250 is aimed to rival the mature buyers who do not want to buy KTMs and Husqvaranas. This bike has the perfect blend of ergonomics and performace we want in the city and in the corners or the highway.

Gixxer SF 250

This is the fared version of the Gixxer 250. It gets a fully faired design. Although this bike gets clip-on handlebars it does not have a super committed riding posture. The downside of this bike is its seats which lack comfort.


Vitpilen 250

The Vitpilen is the cafe racer of the tw0 Huskies on sale in India. It has a very aggressive seating posture. The seat is a bit small for the pillion. The is the only bike that comes with a Bajaj/KTM 250cc engine and has clip on handlebars. This is the most stylish looking 250cc offering in India.

Svartpilen 250

The Svartpilien is a Scrambler version of the Vitpilen. It has raised handlebars, different seating posture and dual-purpose tyres. Also, the alloy wheels on this bike are a bit different. This bike is a for those who want the classy design of the Husqvarna but do not want the committed riding posture. You can’t really take it off-road but has the charm of a Scarmbler.


Dominar 250

The Dominar 250 offers a very smooth revving 250cc bike. It also is the most fuel-efficient version of the 250cc engine from KTM. This engine can do decent highway speed and doesn’t feel out of breath. The only downside is the weight which does affect the acceleration of the Dominar 250.

5 KTM bikes we want in India


KTM Adventure 250

The Adventure 250 came into the market right after the Adventure 390. The bike serves as a cheaper entry point into the KTM adventure line-up. The bike has lost space in the saddle and feels well built. You can thrash it on bad roads and still getaway.

KTM Duke 250

This is another from the KTM family. This is where the 250cc engine was first introduced. It sits right in between the frantic Duke 390 and the fun Duke 200. This also has a good balance for the suspension. It’s the one that would be our choice from this bunch of 250cc bikes.

This was the list of 250cc bikes that are available in India. Each one of these 8 bikes is unique in its way. So while there are not many options here, there is sort of something for everyone. In the future we hope more models come on existing engines and manufactures like Honda, TVS and Hero also join the quarter-litre class.

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