KTM has given us performance bikes at a reasonable price. The price of the bikes are higher than others in their segments but it does come with the expected performance. But India does not get all that KTM has to offer. Here are 5 KTM bikes that we think should be brought to India now. Now some of them are expensive and we hope that in the future with the help of Bajaj, these could be localized and bought to our market. So let’s take a look

KTM SX-E 5 2021

This is an electric dual-purpose bike from KTM. It retails at 4,499 GBP which is equivalent of Rs 4,61,178 lakh. This is quite a high price for an electric bike but then the bike is quite capable. It has a small battery pack to eliminate weight but the torque from the motor is huge. The bike can run for 25 mins on full power. It also has a battery management system that does not let this high discharge battery drain fast. The bike generates a torque of 7.2 Nm from still. This bike could be good for someone who is professionally into off-road and dirt bikes and wants to practice or have fun.

KTM SX-E 5 2021

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KTM 350 SX-F

This is a 4 stroke MX bike from the KTM line-up. This engine is different from the 390cc engine that we see on the Duke. The bike has a slim frame and weighs less. The engine itself is a 26 kg unit. The bike has 300 mm of suspension travel at both ends and is perfect for offroad duties. Again here the price is too high at about 8,249 GBP which converts to Rs 8,45,580. It would make for a good dual-purpose bike again for a professional.

KTM 350 SX-F


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KTM Duke 890

KTM Duke 890 would be the perfect replacement for the Duke 790. The price could be around Rs 8 to 9 lakhs. This is a bike that beats the competition quite well. It makes 115 bhp and 92Nm. This bike only weighs about 169 kg and this makes it quite good in terms of power to weight ratio.


The Rally Replica would be a quite attractive bike for India. The 450cc single-cylinder engine in a tight Dakar-style frame makes the bike quite interesting. If this bike is brought to India it will sell just based on its looks. Now this will be quite expensive and will have to be imported only. It will be for people looking to do days of overlanding and off-roading with ease.

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This is the bike we want in India above the Duke. The true supermoto DNA from KTM will be unleashed with the arrival of this bike. The slim body and powerful engine are all that make this bike very desireable. It has a 690cc single-cylinder engine which makes loads of torque. It looks like a hooligan and also behaves like one. It would make city riding so much more fun.

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