Modifying your car can be a quite tedious process. From finding the right parts to getting someone who can get them fitted the right way. Here are 5 simple modifications that could improve your driving.


Tyres are the only contact patch with the road. Getting a good quality tyre will give you better grip. Also changing tyres are very basic and there can be very little that can go wrong. Buying a tyre will need research but that will result in better handling and comfort.

Simple modifications

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If you take out the wheel to change the tyres the brakes automatically become accessible. Now here it’s not necessary to change the brakes or upgrade to some super expensive ones. Make sure that there is no air in your braking line. Check the brake fluid and get good quality brake pads.

If you have the budget to go for good quality brakes then do not miss on those. Having strong brakes improved your confidence and helps you drive a bit stress free.

Simple modifications

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Upgrading the suspension can change the way your car handles. It can make the ride smoother or stiffer depending on your preference. Do make sure that you put quality materials here as you will be depending on them to keep you upright while taking turns and running through potholes.

Simple modifications


The air filter comes in play when you want to improve the performance of the vehicle. Now there are a few tyres of air filters that can change the amount of air that your engine can suck. Do make sure that you calibrate your fueling too once you get a performance air filter.

air filter

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Strut bar

If you are facing body roll problems in your car you should definitely consider getting a strut bar. This will improve the chassis rigidity and reduce some chassis flex. The reduced body roll can be felt immediately and it is a quite effective solution. Also, it is one of the simple modifications like the ones mentioned above.

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