The Toyota RAV4 has been under consideration for launch in India. The company has never given us a official statement but there have been multiple sightings of the car. Today we will talk about the Toyota RAV4 spotted in Jaisalmer testing and about the potential launch for this car, generally understand what this car will be, what will its segment be and the competition. So lets begin.

Toyota RAV4 Spotted – Now what?

Toyota RAV4 spotted

The RAV4 we see here is similar to the the pictures that have been on the internet in the past few weeks. The blue color, alloy wheels, chrome strip around the back and the hybrid logo on the front bumper. The car here seen could be possibly testing in the hot weather on Rajasthan to be suitable for the environment. But other than that we cannot see why else it its here. The car is totally uncovered and Toyota is not trying to hide that the car they are testing.

So what is a RAV4 for the readers who are coming here for the first time? It’s a fifth generation SUV from Toyota that is based on the TNGA platform which currently also underpins the Toyota Camry. The car is a petrol or petrol hybrid in international markets which means it will bea hybrid that will be sold next to the Toyota Camry in India. The Toyota RAV4 spotted is a hybrid is powered by a 2.5-litre, four-cylinder, Atkinson cycle petrol engine paired with an electric motor to develop a combined 218hp in the two wheel drive variant. The power goes up to 222hp in the all-wheel drive variants.

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Price and Competition

The Toyota RAV4 spotted will mostly come this year and prices could be anywhere between Rs 50 lakhs to Rs 60 lakhs. We hope that the car is not very highly priced as it will mostly come via the CBU method to India with limited models. With the car testing we also hope that some localization is bought to this and future products that Toyota could make in India on the TNGA platform. The competition for this car for a price stand would be luxury SUVs from BMW and Mercedes which with this size would be a little bit more expensive at around Rs 65 lakhs to Rs 70 lakhs.

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