The Volkswagen India line-up is set to become more democratic. In the past after buying a Polo, a Volkswagen owner had options to upgrade to cars like a Vento, Jetta, Passat, Touareg, Tiguan (and later AllSpace), T-Roc and the briefly the 3 door Polo GTi. So chances that the VW customer would upgrade to a product in the companies line-up were very small. He would generally have to look at the Korean or the the other options in the market to upgrade. But now we can ask the question – Should Volkswagen Polo owners upgrade to Taigun? Find out more below.

Why upgrade to the Taigun?

The customer who has owned and been using a Polo for sometime and in some cases almost a decade or so – wants to upgrade to a bigger car and his spending power has increased. This customer wants his car to have really good build quality, high grade material used that are tactile and drive touchpoints are comfortable and premium. He also wants a car tuned for a comfortable yet sporty ride. Those are one of the reasons why many Volkswagen Polo, Vento and Polo GTs were bought. The buyers are diverse but are looking for those key values from the car.

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Volkswagen Taigun

With times changing and the car markets situation, the Polo customer is most likely going to upgrade to an SUV. This generally meant stepping out 0f the Volkswagen family and looking elsewhere. But what about now? TheVolkswagen Taigun is coming soon and should one with the small German hatchback wait for C-Segment German SUV? Yes. The Taigun defiantly encompasses all those criteria. Its a bigger car, so space which was always a concern in the second row of the Polo might be better with the wheelbase bigger than the Hyundai Creta at 2651mm and the flattened tunnel at the rear aiding in comfortable seating position for the middle occupant.. Having experienced the 1.5-litre TSI engine in the T-Roc, we can expect the same kind of enthusiastic drive from the Taigun with its new MQB AO IN platform. Obviously the range will start from the 1.0-litre TSI which we hope is the not only cheaper but the economical option to run too.

Volkswagen Taigun

Better interiors than competition?

If it is a competition to tick off the most amount of boxes in the options and features brochure battle – the Seltos and Creta might edge ahead. But its got everything that you would want – a sunroof, a big 10.1 inch touchscreen, smart layout of AC controls and center console. The Taigun gets a big digital instrument cluster too. The car gets connected car tech and the wireless charging too.

Coming to safety – The Volkswagen Taigun comes with a full range of safety features. It will be equipped with up to 6 airbags, ESC, 3 headrests at rear, 3-point seat belts, ISOFIX and adjustable headrest for all. The Taigun also gets the rear park distance control, Hill-hold control and tyre pressure warning system.

Volkswagen Taigun interior

Volkswagen Taigun Price and logic?

Well lastly an upgrade means that one will spend more than he did on his last purchase. Currently the Polo top out with it most expensive variant at around Rs 11 lakhs. Customers who have had the Polo GT even three to four years ago as its most expensive model spent around Rs 10 lakhs purchasing it. The Volkswagen Taigun will start from around Rs 12 lakhs on-road to Rs 19 lakhs 0n-road. We expect three variants for each engine option where we hope mid variants get good amount of features. For customers of the Polo that have been waiting for five to six year to upgrade to a new car – the Taigun could be their SUV.

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