There are many great products in the Indian automotive market that go under the buying radar for customers when they are on a hunt for a new car. The competition could be better in terms of after services, it might not have certain features, dealerships could be scarce and generally sometimes the effort from the brand to market the car might be lacking. So here we list out 5 underrated cars that one should strongly consider when in the market for a new car.

Mahindra XUV300

The XUV300 is one car that has changed the way safety is looked in the country with it five star global NCAP rating. It gets features like 7 airbags, font parking sensors, 17-inch tyres, steering modes, two zone-climate control and now even connected car technology. The car gets the best amount of second-row space albeit the downside being shrunken bootspace.  But apart from that, the car is a good option to consider if one is in the market for a compact SUV.

mahindra xuv300 facelift

Honda WRV

The Honda WRV really has fallen back when it comes to the sub-four meter Utility Vehicle game. Be it design, features and stance that some might say it does not look the part of the segment but is more suited to the hatchback crossover segment where the the Ford Freestyle also competes. But this is one solid car. With the proportions slightly bigger, it is a great city car. The car with it’s diesel engine is also highly fuel efficient.

Honda WRV facelift

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5 underrated cars  Mahindra Alturas G4

Another Mahindra that should be selling in high numbers but is not. Competing with the Fortuner, Endeavour and Gloster, this car faces stiff competition and has never received the recognition it deserves. As SUVs go in this list of 5 underrated cars sold in India, this has to be the biggest, most expensive and feature loaded car here. Because of the low sales, the Alturas gets big discounts. Its got 4WD, the highest ground clearance and proper third row that can be used. The car is good option for anyone looking for a full-size SUV.

Mahindra Alturas G4


Toyota Yaris

While the downfall of the sedan market in India looks inevitable, there are some that still in India lust over a sedan, So if you are in the sedan market do consider the Yaris. As many Yaris sedan owners will agree, the build quality, service cost and maintenance of this sedan will always bring a smile to your face. We know many old Toyota Corolla Altis customers who wanted something like their car from the brand again have definitely opted for the Yaris as it is a great option to consider.  This will definitely be a car to consider here today in our list of 5 underrated cars sold in India.

toyota yaris

Toyota Camry

Closing the list with another Toyota sedan is – the Camry Hybrid. This car has luxury and features that a BMW 5 series won’t offer but sadly if plays in a segment that’s got small amount buyers and a pricing that makes big SUVs or a shelling money on a BMW or Mercedes to get more brand value for your buck a real alternative.

Toyota Camry

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