Buying a car is a really big decision for most people. The products have to be shortlisted. The perfect car has to be finalized. The budgets have to be taken care of. Only after doing all of this, a person becomes the proud owner of one. The value-for-money factor, however, plays the most important role. The car along with being loaded with features and value also has to return a good resale. There are products in the market that do not offer resale value, irrespective of how good a product they are. In this article, we will discuss 5 cars with poor resale value.

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Volkswagen Polo

cars with poor resale

The Volkswagen Polo has been in the country for over a decade now. The car became a trend-setter when it first came to India. Simple design, a refined-yet-powerful engine and a solid build attracted many car enthusiasts. The car also became one of the most loved products in the car-tuning industry. The Polo ticked multiple right boxes,, however, the car could not become famous in the resale sector. The Polo is costly to service. Moreover, part availability also becomes an issue. So, it loses a lot of value when selling the car, since the second owner will also face all these issues. And this is the main reason why people avoid the Polo when looking at a car for resale.

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Hyundai Tucson

Tucson Hyundai

Hyundai is known to deliver products that offer a much greater value-for-money factor when compared to the asking price of the car. However, Tucson stays as an exception. Tucson, seeing the low sale numbers, does not have a very good reputation in the resale market.

Nissan Kicks

Resale value has been the biggest let-down for this product. The car did not perform well in the market due to multiple reasons. With a product not able to perform in the market, part availability becomes a foreseen issue. These factors come together to pull down the resale value of the Kicks.

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Honda WR-V

Honda as a brand is known to deliver exceptional products. The WR-V, however, seems a different case, and the main reason behind it is the failed attempt of the WR-V to compete with compact SUVs with the looks of crossover. The WR-V is undoubtedly a good product, but it could not create magic. This reason pulls down the resale value of the WR-V, similar to what happened with the Nissan Kicks.

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Range Rover Evoque

Range Rover cars are the perfect blend of style and luxury. The Evoque is the same case; however, the car does not get a very good resale in the used car market. The Evoque quickly starts losing its value and thus makes its way to our list of cars with poor resale value.

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