Currently if you are planning to buy a vehicle between the Rs 8 lakhs to Rs 15 lakh budget then you are faced with the question of buying an SUV or hatchback? In this article we are going to make this decision easier for you.

Pros of SUV

Maruti Baleno

Currently we have a market which has SUVs in the market which in their true sense are beefed up hatchbacks. The Compact SUVs do not really posses the true characteristics of SUVs but because of their proportions they are bigger than crossovers and hatchback.

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Nissan Magnite

Now space should be the biggest pro of having an SUV. The bigger dimension on the outside mean that there should be more space inside. This sometimes gets violated because of the tall design. Also the 4-meter rule some times cuts into the boot space of the vehicle. It also has been noticed that some of the premium hatchbacks have more space that SUVs.

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SUV or Hatchback question also arises when talking about ground clearance. Most of the SUVs have decent ground clearance but nothing exceptional. Some of the premium hatchbacks do miss out on good ground clearance but it is not really bothersome.

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Road Presence

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Road presence plays a main role in buying behavior of Indians. The driving conditions in Indian are rough and the traffic is a bit unruly. So having a vehicle which imposes better road presence is important and SUVs manage doing that better than hatchbacks. But if you are considering SUVs like the Magnite and Kiger then these proportions are a bit mild and they do not have that much of an imposing stance.

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Pros of an Hatchback

CNG Amt Cars

Hatchbacks are slightly cheaper and you might end up saving some amount of money on them. Also having a hatchback in a traffic laden city is good as it feels much easier to drive and park in tight spaces. Yes a lot of new SUVs come with parking assistance features but they do seem intimidating to park.

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Finally what should you buy?

SUV or hatchback is a question that should be solved based on your demands. If you want a car that looks aggressive and intimidating then going for an SUV which looks aggressive might work. If you are just looking for space than your decision should be taken based on the test drive. It should not just be limited to SUV or hatchback. To conclude this we would like to say that the boundaries between hatchback and SUV are diminishing and a lot of brands are pushing of hatchbacks which look like SUVs as compact SUVs. These car have been tweaked in a way such that they appear to be bigger than what a regular hatchback is.

Hyundai Alcazar might look like this

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