Maruti Swift as a product has garnered a lot of fans in the country as well as foreign markets, where it is sold. The Maruti Ignis has also seen quite some success in India. With the Swift hybrid being showcased in the Auto Expo last year, we expect Maruti to bring the Swift along with the Ignis in the hybrid form to the country in the coming time. In this article, we will discuss the Maruti Swift and Ignis Hybrids.

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Maruti Swift Hybrid

swift hybrid

The Swift Hybrid was showcased at the Auto Expo 2020 last year. The engine on the Swift Hybrid is expected to be the same engine which the new Swift gets; a 1.2-litre unit capable of producing produces 90bhp and 113Nm of torque. This engine will be paired to a 10kW electric motor and a 5-speed AGS gearbox.

swift hybrid

The fuel efficiency that the hybrid is able to make is an impressive 32kmpl. The model showcased in the Auto Expo got cruise control and paddle shifters. With the new Swift, Maruti has added cruise control; however, paddle shifters are not expected.

swift hybrid

Also, the Auto Expo variant had a radar-enabled safety assist system, however, getting them on the India-spec variant looks sceptical.

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Maruti Ignis Hybrid

Maruti Ignis Hybrid profile

Maruti Suzuki Ignis is another product that could get the hybrid system along with Swift. Both, the Swift and the Ignis get dedicated lithium-ion batteries. The Ignis will be specced similar to the Swift hybrid.

Maruti Ignis Hybrid side

Both the cars, in foreign markets get driving modes, in order to maintain the balance between the engine and the electric motor according to the user’s preference. Driving modes (Urban, Suburban & Expressway modes) which could come in India as Eco, City & Sport modes are mostly expected to be carried forward to the India-spec products as well.

Maruti Ignis Hybrid rear

The Ignis and the Swift, however, get 4WD in the foreign markets with aids like grip control and hill descent control, which are not expected here.

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How is Hybrid different from Smart Hybrid?

Maruti Ignis hybrid

The Smart Hybrid system is basically used to assist the engine when acceleration is required. Moreover, the battery helps in the idle start-stop function of the vehicle, enhancing the fuel efficiency and the driving dynamics of the car. However, the car cannot be run solely using electric energy. The Hybrid system, on the other hand, uses electric energy to power the car, meaning the car will use electric energy (in some specific conditions mentioned below) instead of gasoline.

Maruti Hybrids

With this, the fuel efficiency will directly get a bigger boost than the smart hybrid tech, making it a more value-for-money product. The battery is charged using the engine itself. The EV mode is automatically activated in conditions where the car is going downhill, moving at constant speeds or crawling in traffic.

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