Honda has been facing a tough time growing the sales of its WR-V in the country. Where all the competition sold a minimum of 2500 units in the month of February, the WR-V could only do 1004 units. In fact, the Honda WR-V was the least bought car in its segment in the month. In this article, we will understand why the Honda WR-V fails to sell in good numbers.


Honda WR-V

The WR-V looks like a crossover rather than a compact SUV. This factor alone pushes it below the competition. Other cars in the segment have a tall look and look like compact SUVs on the inside as well as outside. Moreover, low ground clearance is another factor why buyers do not look at WR-V while considering compact SUVs for themselves.

The WR-V looks like a Jazz with some changes done to the exterior. People do not find it justified to pay the extra price for almost the same product.

Honda WR-V lacks features

Honda WR-V No diesel option

Features are one thing that has become the top priority of buyers these days. With every competitor trying to add in as many features as possible with the product, the WR-V does not take the lead here as well. Basic features like adjustable headrests and 2nd-row charging ports are missing on the WR-V.

The biggest of all is the option of a diesel engine. With most of the competition providing their cars with diesel engines, Honda’s decision of not giving it a diesel engine costs the company a lot. Moreover, connected car tech is another feature that the WR-V lacks.

Better options

The Honda WR-V is priced between Rs 10.06 Lakhs to Rs 13.31 Lakhs (on-road Mumbai), the same price bracket in which most of the competition is also offered. With many more features and the proper looks of an SUV, other competition takes a big lead on the WR-V.

Moreover, the 4th-gen Honda City, which is still being sold in the market offers better space and features than the WR-V, and that too at a lower cost.

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