Volkswagen in India is doing good but not the best in terms of overall sales numbers. Volkswagen in India is known for its well-polished products with competitive pricing. The company is also expected to launch the Tiguan pretty soon in India. Volkswagen also launched the Polo and Vento turbo editions recently. Find out below about the Rs 10 lakh VW spotted testing in India.

Hyundai i20 Turbo vs. Volkswagen Polo Turbo

Platform and Testing

VW Vitrus

From the spy shots, it is clearly visible that Skoda is testing a left-hand drive car in India. We suspect it to be the Volkswagen Vitrus which will be rebranded as Vento 2021 in India. The overall dimensions of the car are quite similar to the international spec model. The spy car was also not camouflaged but the interiors could not be confirmed. We expect modern interiors and features with the new Vento.

Things Spotted

Rs 10 lakh VW spotted testing in India

The Volkswagen Vitrus which was spotted testing in India had some clear indications about the upcoming car. If seen carefully, you can observe the double rear quarter glass with LED taillamps. The Volkswagen Vitrus in the international market is also slightly longer and taller than the Vento. To keep taxes low, Volkswagen may change the dimensions of the car. More about Rs 10 lakh VW spotted testing in India below.

Volkswagen Vento – 5 Upcoming Features

Expected Engine

Rs 10 lakh VW spotted testing in India

We expect two engine options with the new generation, Vento. A 1.0-litre Turbo Petrol and a 1.5-litre Petrol engine option. We also expect a 7-speed DCT transmission with the turbo variant of the car. 6-speed manual may be standard across the range. Features like sunroof will also be available on the higher trims of the sedan.

More about Vento

Rs 10 lakh VW spotted testing in India

The sedan segment in India is gaining back its popularity. Volkswagen Vento is one of the better cars in the segment. The current generation Volkswagen Vento costs between Rs.  10.13 lakh and Rs. 16.09 lakh. The front design of the car is quite similar to the Polo. The 1.0-litre TSI Turbo Petrol engine produces 109bhp and 175Nm. Both manual and automatic transmission is present with the sedan.

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