Honda motorcycles is one of the most famous brands in the Indian automobile market. People love the performance and efficiency of Honda bikes. Honda also recently launched the H’ness 350 in India to compete in a Royal Enfield dominated segment. Find out below about New Scrambler and Café Racer from Honda.

Rumours about the new bike

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Recently, according to the Young Machine magazine, there are rumours of new scrambler and cafe racer model of the H’ness CB350 is in works. It is not a surprise as Royal Enfield also had the Thunderbird, which was a cruiser version of the Classic 350. The same will happen with the new generation of Classic 350 which will be derived from the recently launched Meteor 350.

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Do people love Café Racers?

People absolutely love café racers. While the bike competes in a niche segment, people are slowly embracing it.  The Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 is café race with an expensive price tag.  But everyone can not afford a Continental GT 650 due to which a lot of people convert their motorcycles into a cafe racer by removing the rear seat and opting for lower clip-on handlebars.

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Honda is also expected to launch a cafe racer version of the CB350 H’ness. It will definitely attract more attention on-road as it will be much cheaper than the GT 650. People now will not have to spend time and money on modifications, voiding their warranty but can opt for a factory-made affordable bike.

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New Scrambler

The second product to come from the CB350 line-up will be the scrambler version of the H’ness. Being an off-roader it should get off-road tires for better grip on dirt and spoke wheels because alloys might break while off-roading. It should also get a more up-swept exhaust so that it does not scrape on large rocks. It will also get a bash plate to protect the engine’s bottom.

Engine and Performance

The 348cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine produces maximum power of 21PS and 30Nm of torque. Due to its higher torque than rivals, we expect the pickup of the bike better than its rivals. The DLX Pro variant comes with dual horns while the DLX only gets single horn setup. There is a 5-speed gearbox with the bike with Honda badging on the engine of the bike. More about New Scrambler and Café Racer from Honda below.

honda cb350 black side

The colour scheme and fit and finish of the engine components itself are impressive.  Sari guard and non-rubberized footpeg is present at the rear of the bike. The rear alloy wheels are 18-inch.  You also get 240mm disc brakes at the rear.  Honda CB350 also comes with hydraulic rear suspension which promises supreme comfort.  The taillight and indicators at the rear also come with a retro look.

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