Hyundai Verna is one of the most recognizable sedans in India. People are a fan of its fluidic looks and rear-seat comfort. Sedans are also known for their status factor but have lost a bit of their charm after the entry of compact-SUV in the Indian market. Though the Hyundai Verna is already a good looking car, it does not mean that it cannot be made better. Find out inside about Hyundai Verna Modification in Delhi.

What are the main changes?

Hyundai verna modified

According to the owner of the car, cosmetic changes include custom front grille, aftermarket number plates and a unique gold shade wheel cover. All these cosmetic changes are subtle yet make the sedan stand out apart from the crowd.  The owner has also installed a carbon fibre boot lip along with various stickers throughout the car. The windows also have black tint upon them.

Hyundai verna engine modified

Interior changes include tan colour inserts on the door panels and tan seat covers. The overall dashboard look is quite the same and does not need any modification. For a better sound experience, the owner has installed a JBL sound system with 4 speakers on each door and special bass equipment inside the trunk of the car. The car also gets a couple of add-on accessories like neck cushions for the front seats as well as chrome-finished scuff plates.

Hyundai verna modified

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Any Performance changes?

Hyundai verna modified

Unlike other modifications in India, which are mostly cosmetic, the owner of the Hyundai Verna has installed a K&N OM cooler for his car and corresponding stickers. The owner has also modified the exhaust system of the sedan, thus leading to a mean sound around 90db. An additional change includes ECU remap through which the owner of the Hyundai Verna has increased power to 161bhp from 126bhp. All these performance modifications increase the efficiency of sedan and indicate that the owner knows his stuff.

More about the Hyundai Verna

Hyundai verna modified

The car in question here is the diesel version of the pre-facelift third-generation Hyundai Verna in its EX trim. This diesel version of the Hyundai Verna EX is the pre-facelift model of the third-generation version, which was powered by a 1.4-litre four-cylinder diesel engine (90 PS/220 Nm). However, the currently available new facelifted model of gets a 1.5-litre diesel engine (115 PS/250 Nm), apart from the other two petrol engines – 1.5-litre petrol (115 PS/144 Nm) and 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol (120 PS/172 Nm).

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