The Indian car manufacturer Tata has been in the news for quite some time now.  Its vocal for local campaign is going strong. All of Tata’s recent products also perform quite impressive in the safety department.  Tata was planning to launch a sports car in India some time ago, but the car was never made and sold to the public. Find out below about untold story of the Indian Tata Racecar TaMo.

First look and History

tata race rear

Tata Motors unveiled its first-ever sports car during the Geneva Motor show in 2017. It was named the RaceMo. The two-seater sports car was an instant hit among car enthusiasts and turned everyone’s heads.  The excitement surrounding the car was so much that Tata motors decided to branch a new sub-brand called the TaMo for high-performance machines.  Fast forward two years and there is not a single high-performance vehicle from Tata Motors on the Indian roads.  But why was there so much hype about the car? Find more below.

1) Price

Tata race front Indian Tata Racecar TaMo

The RaceMo was a sub-4 meter car.  As a result, in Indian soils it was eligible for a huge tax-benefit, something which compact-SUVs are famous for. Tata Motors promised to launch the road-legal two-seater race car at the price of Rs.25 lakh. The affordable price for its segment made it extremely attractive for performance enthusiasts who could only lay their hands upon big bulky sedans and SUVs.

2) Design

tata race driver

The exterior looks of the car were also of great importance in the splendid hype of the car.  It was low, sleek, stylish, angular and much more at the same time. It also had scissor doors which opened like Lamborghinis. The Tata RaceMo also had the privilege of being designed by Marcello Gandini, the mastermind designer behind many famous Lamborghinis and Ferraris.

3) Engine and Performance

tata race doors

One of the main benefits of this small car was its exquisite performance. For such a small machine, Tata Motors was planning to provide the Tata Nexon’s 1.2L turbocharged petrol engine which easily powers a much heavier SUV.  Tata also promised special performance tuning to the engine to better suit the needs of the sports car. Being an engine of a regular car, it also had the advantage of a respectable and practical fuel economy. A 6-speed transmission with paddle shifter was also part of the overall package.  Tata Motors also showcased the car with rear-wheel drive feature. More about Indian Tata Racecar TaMo below.

4) Platform and Production

tata race speedway Indian Tata Racecar TaMo

The RaceMo was designed to be a kit-car, something which can be assembled with 30-easy-to-assemble modules.  This easy-to-make approach could have enabled enthusiasts to assemble the car at their own garages. Tata Motors also first declared that the production will be limited to certain units. However after the wild excitement, and positive response Tata motors had decided to mass-produce the cars and further decrease the price.

Launch and Cancellation

tata race decal Indian Tata Racecar TaMo

The Tata supercar was set to launch in 2018 but the company had to scrap the plans due to economic and financial issues. The Tata RaceMo only catered to a specific niche segment and would not lead to much profits. The project was too resource-intensive for Tata Motors at that time.  The company decided to focus on passenger vehicles and launched many new gems.  PB  Balaji, chief financial officer at Tata Motors said, “There are projects at this point of time that we think do not have economic value, for example we have stopped the TaMo Racemo. At a later point of time, if we find someone who can monetise the project for a better value, we will be more than happy to share it with them.”

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  • I am a big fan of Ratan Tata and want him to exceed in all sectors he enters. This TaMo Racecar is much needed at this point of time to create the Good perception among Indians about Tata Motoros which might have loosen in the Tata Indica car segment. We want Tata to do well in all segments of car. We are also hoping that Tata can contribute in the the lost legacy of proud Sone ki Chidiya of Indian economy.