The Tata Tiago is an entry-level hatchback car in the Indian automotive market. It costs between Rs.4.69 lakh to Rs.6.73 lakh. (ex-showroom) This is the price of the newly launched BS6 variant of the car. Read below about how Tata Tiago changed the rules in its segment.

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The entry-level hatchback segment is the most selling segment in the country, yet is not the safest. Majority of car-buyers in India are first-time car buyers and look for an ultra-cheap solution with four wheels and roof.  In a market dominated by mileage numbers, no-one asks about safety.


 But times are changing now. People are becoming more aware day by day about safety and prefer a vehicle with a good track record. The Tata Tiago BS6 is the cheapest cars in India with four-star safety rating in the Global-NCAP.  You can see countless incidents in which a Tata Tiago has been involved in extreme accidents yet the passengers have always escaped unhurt.

ABS Tiago changed rules segment

All thanks to the superb attention to safety by Tata Motors. The base variant of the Tata Tiago (XE) comes with ABS with EBD, Dual Airbags, Front and Side-impact beams, Corner stability control, and Rearview Camera. All these features are not available in any competition base variant car.

Build Quality

The main helping unit for a superbly safe car is its strong build quality. All the Tiago customers are very happy with the build quality of their cars and tell that their car feels firm and gives them a sense of strength.  

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The door ‘Thud’ noise is solid and shows you the premium build quality of the vehicle. Other car manufacturers make their cars lighter with the sole purpose of increasing mileage but cheap out on the vital element known as build quality. 

Tata Tiago BS6 2020

The same manufacturer also sells a different range of vehicle through a different outlet for people who are not obsessed with Mileage. We at MotorOctane also love a car which gives great mileage but if the car compromises on safety for mileage it is, “घाटे का सौदा.”

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Engine and Performance


You get a single BS6, three-cylinder 1199cc engine on offer Many people also feel that the car vibrates a lot but customers tell that correct wheel balancing and aligning eliminates all these minor issues.  The engine produces a maximum power output of 84.48bhp@6000rpm and a peak torque output of 113Nm@3300rpm.  You get both 5-speed manual/automatic transmissions. 

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The lower range torque of the car is little laggy according to a customer but the car performs well after the initial phase. You will never feel the lack of power. Users claim a city fuel efficiency of 17kmpl and highway fuel efficiency of 19kmpl. That is really good considering the weight of the car. The car is heavier than the competition but still provides a better overall performance and efficiency. More about How Tata Tiago changed the rules in its segment below.

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Segment First Features

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The entry-level hatchback segment was known as the bare-essentials car segment until the Tiago was launched. Tata made safety accessories standard across all the variants of the car. It does not matter how much you spend on a car, every life is equally important and Tata scored major points with this.

Customers were also happy with the segment-exclusive Harman Music system with touchscreen in the Tata Tiago BS6 with 4+4 speakers and tweeters. You get a well-balanced urban car for the affordable price.  15-inch alloy wheels only in this entry-level hatchback car gives it superior grip, style and stability.  You also get a fully digital instrument console and automatic climate control.

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Suspension and ride comfort were also on point. You also get 242L of boot space and very comfortable seats. Adjustable headrest, steering. Seat height adjustment is also only available with this car. 

Made in India

Tata is one of the few authentic Indian manufacturers selling cars in the Indian market. In a market dominated by capitalization, localization is the way to go. Many buyers purchased the Tata Tiago on the sole benefit of buying an Indian made product. 


People want to set an example for others and show that it is OK to buy an expensive Indian Product. Tata Motor’s ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign also attracted many new customers.  Tata also is working continuously to improve its service network and parts availability all-over India.

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 Many manufacturers are able to provide excellent maintenance and parts availability because the majority of people buy the same brand. If people start supporting Tata Motors too, it will no be very far behind. Conclusion about How Tata Tiago changed the rules in its segment below.


Tata went through a rough phase for a very long time but was really re-born after introduction of Tiago. We wanted to stick to the topic so this article should not be considered an advertisement. 

Tata Tiago 2020 BS6 NCAP

There are some negative bits like customer car and maintenance issue but they are highly location-dependent and should not be considered on judging an overall product. Many customers have received excellent support in various cities throughout India. The service cost is also very low with a service interval of 15,000km. 

Tata Tiago BS6 interiors 2020 Tiago changed rules segment

All-in-all Tata Tiago really focused on the important elements for the first-time car buyer and launched a true value for money product without any compromise. Comment your experience with the Tiago below.

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  • driving a tiago xz for 3 years now. All the things listed above are true as a customer. I am happy about the fact that an Indian manufacturer delivering a world class product. good going TATA