Maruti Swift is a car which is a car that has appealed both to enthusiasts and the common people. This car has starts at Rs 5.4 lakhs ex-showroom and the price makes it one of the optimum purchase in that range. But if you look at the base variant there is not much on offer. So here is a person who has modified his Maruti Swift into a luxury car by replacing the front seats. Along with the Swift Seat Modification he has also added some bits to this car which make it look like a Swift Sport.

Swift Seat Modification

Swift (2)

To start with the interior modification the complete dashboard is a light cream colour. This gives the swift a spacious look. Also, this light creme colour is seen on the new seats. To contrast with it has been paired with black piping. The steering and the other essential components have been kept stock black.

additional padding

The major modification to the seat is the complete electronic control and the ventilated setup. Not even the topmost variant of the Swift offers this setup. Now the ventilated seats were assumed to not be an addition aftermarket but now even that is available as aftermarket. If you want to take a look at the fit and finish of the same do check out the video below.

Other Modifications

ventilated seats

Apart from these Swift seat modification the car also has a wrap like the Swift RS which is internationally available. The wheels also have been changed to a bigger and wider size. The cost of all these modifications have been around Rs 40,000 per seat. This includes the massage function, electric seats and ventilated seats. This price will be soon structured according to other cars.

massaging function

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So would you like to add these seats to your car? Let us know in the comment section your opinion on the price and is it worth skipping the top variant which offers these variants?


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