Maruti Celerio has now been due for a generation upgrade. This might be soon reality as there have been sightings of the Maruti Celerio Next Gen. In recent news we had covered about Maruti developing this Next Gen model. Maruti Celerio Facelift was expected in 2021. But now with the Spy Images, we can see a lot of differences in the car. Find the Images below.

Spy Images

The Spy Shots of the Maruti Celerio Next Gen are attached below. As you can see the car is completely masked and there are places where it have changed its shape and makes it look different.

Maruti celerio Next Gen Spy Shot Rear

This rear of the vehicle confirms 2 things. The biggest one is that the car will get the new allow wheels as seen on the Maruti Swift. Now you might think isn’t this the swift? Well, it isn’t as the rear tailgate opener design is very typically that of the Celerio.

Yes, of course, the Maruti Swift is slated for the launch of Hybrid which will have an amazing mileage of 32 Km/l but this is not that car. To know more about that watch the video given here –

The other spy shots of the Maruti Celerio Next Gen reveal more about the car. Refer the spy shot below to understand better.

Maruti Celerio Next Gen 

The side profile of the confirms it further that the car is a Celerio as the window area is pretty wide and this is not something to be seen on the swift. Also, the interiors seem to be typically what Maruti might offer and they do not have much going on. The mirrors seem to have turn indicators on them. this feature along with the alloy wheels might be one of the topmost variants in the lineup.

Maruti Celerio Next Gen 

From the right side, the car does look a bit longer and shorter. This might be owing to the new HEARTECT platform that is expected to be on this car. This is expected to make the car more safe and stronger for impacts.

Maruti Celerio Next Gen 

The car does look a bit with the low height and the longer dimensions. Let’s hope that Maruti announces something about it very soon and we get to see some pre-production model as a sketch or design. Other changes on the car are not confirmed but a lot of features are expected on it.

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Launch and Price

The launch is expected by 2021 but this is based on the tentative testing time that it will take for Maruti to come up with a new generation of a car. This festive season there won’t be much of new model that will come but the company will push the existing models to make up for the drop in sales. For more such content stay subscribed to the Motoroctane Youtube, Google NEWS, Facebook and Twitter


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