The onset of BS6 emission norms has caused car manufacturers to rethink their line ups and variants. The norms have been especially hard on diesel engines as they need significant changes in them to comply with these rules. This has led to the iconic 1.3-litre diesel from Fiat to be axed. This engine was used by many manufacturers across the country for its frugal nature. It has existed in the market for a long time. This engine was particularly used by Maruti in many if its products as well. For the time being Maruti had discontinued diesel variants in all its cars. But now there are reports that it may never bring back the diesel engines. Find out more below about Maruti diesel cars.

Maruti Diesel Possibility

Maruti Brezza

To comply with the emission norms, the price of diesel engines have gone much higher to make. This has made manufacturers of the opinion that there is no need for the expensive diesel engines. And petrol is the way forward for them. Maruti has led this despite being the most successful manufacturer to date. There were earlier reports that the manufacturer will bring out diesel cars sometime in the future. In fact, the Ertiga was even spied in its diesel BS6 variant. This led many to believe that Maruti diesel cars might make a comeback in some of its products but this might not be.


Maruti S-Cross
Maruti S-Cross

The manufacturer is instead planning to go the CNG route. Maruti has earlier announced its initiative to go green and focus more on CNG vehicles due to their lower emissions. These also cost much lesser than diesel vehicles. The only downside is that CNG vehicles are not that responsive when it comes to acceleration. Maruti also has the mild-hybrid technology which it can use in its cars to increase fuel efficiency. Diesel cars are so popular cause they give a lot of torque as well as better fuel efficiency.

Maruti Ertiga

Maruti diesel demand

The company has also taken into account the general drop in demand for diesel vehicles in the market even with other vehicles. People have started straying towards the petrol engine rather than diesel. Maruti primarily has only smaller cars in the market and the demand for their diesel variants is low. Therefore it makes sense for the company to not introduce a diesel engine at all. If it all brought Maruti diesel cars will be the bigger ones such as the Ertiga and the XL6.


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