The Toyota Innova Crysta has created a niche for itself since the time it was launched in 2005. The car is known to be perfect for long journeys and provides maximum comfort to all the passengers that are seated. This can be clearly seen in the sales figures of the company as it is one of the highest-selling MPVs in the market despite being priced much higher than other cars from this segment. With the Crysta update, the car got all the modern features such as a touchscreen infotainment system and an engine upgrade. So what has helped the Innova achieve this kind of success in the Indian market, we find out below.

Toyota Innova Crysta comfort

Toyota Innova

The suspension along with the smaller tyres in the Innova makes it a very comfortable car for long journeys. The Toyota Innova Crysta is also the preferred choice for touring vehicles and also is used for many purposes. Usually in cars even when you seat five people long drives get uncomfortable for the rear passengers and regular intervals are needed. Even with MPVs, the third-row seats feel claustrophobic. But with the Innova Crysta, even the third row of passengers are in comfort and it is a car meant for long journeys. The big windows also provide ample of comfort at the back.

Toyota Innova Crysta Practicality

When the third row of the Toyota Innova is fully folded it increases the boot space by a big margin. With the third row of seats upright, the boot space is 300 litres and when you fold the third row, the boot space becomes 758 litres of boot space is available. Moreover, if the middle row is also folded then you get 1128 litres. This makes it a very practical car indeed. This has helped make the Innova a flagship product of the company.

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Powerful engine

In most of the MPVs, you would always have to compromise performance for practicality. Most of the MPVs did not get an upgraded engine. This becomes a problem with the extra number of passengers in the car as it adds on to its weight. The Toyota Innova Crysta does not have this problem and has enough performance even when loaded to its full capacity. The car has a 2.4-litre diesel that produces 148 bhp and 343 nm of torque. It also gets the 2.7-litre petrol producing 164 bhp and 245 nm of torque from the Fortuner. The Innova did not have any competition until recently and now it goes up against the Kia Carnival.


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