Tata has been talking about 3 SUVs that they want to introduce in the Indian Market. These include Tata Sierra, Tata Safari and the Tata Sumo. Of these, the Tata Sierra will come in an electric avatar and the Safari will retain its soul in the form of Tata Hexa Safari Edition. But there is no news about the Tata Sumo. But in the recent day, someone has rendered an image of the Tata Sumo and the only question that it has raised is that ‘Will there be a Tata Sumo coming to India in 2020?’

Rendered Design

This design has not been developed by Tata Motors and it does not suggest that the car that is on our way will look like this. Still here is a glimpse of the design that has been grabbing attention on the Internet. We can see a lot of cues have been taken from the Gravitas and the Tata Harrier.

With the expected design of the Tata Sumo, there is a high chance that the company might use the impact 2.0 design. This same is seen on the Tata Sierra EV which was showcased at the Auto Expo. The design of the Sumo always has been a very basic body structure, even the last generation Sumo Gold was toned down but the boxy nature still remains.

Tata Sumo Platform

The Tata Sumo Was based on the X2 platform. This same platform was used on the Tata Sierra and the Tata Estate. X2 platform was a body on frame platform. This gave the car a good ground clearance and made it suitable for poor road conditions. The Tata sumo was a rear-wheel-drive vehicle and it had the suspensions like that of a truck. At the rear, there was a leaf spring suspension.

Tata Sumo – Evolution

The Tata Sumo was a very versatile vehicle. The company made use of this versatility and kept the Sumo running from 1994 to 2019. In 2019 the sumo was discontinued in the wake of poor sales and safety norms. There were 4 main variants of the Sumo. Sumo Spacio was for commercial purpose and was used for a fleet of taxis in remote areas. It was like the Innova in the Leh Ladakh region. There was a soft-top version which reduced the price. The soft top also got a 4×4 variant which was used in national parks. Like this, there were also Sumo Gold, Victa and Grande. The Grande had a very different design and was a strong competitor to the Mahindra Scorpio. This came to the market in 2008 and was also discontinued in 2016. The Sumo Gold, on the other hand, was the replacement to the Victa. The Spacio did not get much of the changes and remained the same for 11 years. The only addition it got was a Plus variant with a longer wheelbase

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Sumo Launch – 2020?

As of now, there is no news on the launch of Sumo from the company. Also, there is no news of leaks about them working on the car. If you are thinking about the rendered design then it can be done with the help of good graphic designing knowledge. Nevertheless, we should not rule out the possibility of the Sumo to launch as an electric SUV. Tata does have the experience in building an electric vehicle and with the concept of the Sierra that had been shown at the Auto Expo, it brings us to a possibility of a Tata Sumo EV.  Let us know in the comments if you want the Tata Sumo to do a comeback in the Indian Market.


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  • what about the price of Tata Sumo 2020 model, I am asking Indian Price

  • very good look .superb

  • Please…… am waiting for the muscular looked warrior come back…But one condition Rathan tataji you must listen the sumo body shape…because we are also loved a powerfull boxyyy figure…look like a “Land Cruiser”. And we have another one condition…an automatic version get in under 15 lakhs…