While the electric scooter segment is growing in India with 3 models already launched, the electric bike segment does not seem to be in demand. The Revolt RV400 is the only bike as of now that is available in this segment. Hero plans to change this with the introduction of the electric bike that has been codenamed the Hero AE 47. Hero electric also plans to launch two other products which will be an electric scooter and an electric quadricycle.

Hero AE 47 design

The Hero AE 47 is said to be a premium electric bike and was displayed in a bright red colour along with a compact design. It gets chunky tires with an overall neat fit finish given to the bike. It gets massive circular LEDs on the front as well as LED tail lights and a tinted black windshield. It also gets a full LED instrument cluster.

heor ae 47


Since it is known to be a high speed motorcycle, the Hero AE 47 will be powered by a 6kw motor that will have an impressive top speed of 100kph and an astonishing range of 160kms. It achieves 0-60kph in 9 seconds. The bike has two driving modes and the range for the power mode will be 85 kms while the eco mode will be 160 kms. The battery which is a 3.5kwh Li-ion one will charge fully in just four hours.

hero ae 47

Hero AE 47 features

On the mechanical front, the Hero AE 47 features a disc brake on both ends which are 290mm for the front and 215mm for the rear, and it has a combined braking system. The suspensions include a telescopic fork and a monoshock system. The comfort features will include a cruise control system, a digital instrument cluster, keyless access, a mobile charging port, and a reverse gear, smartphone connectivity via an app that will enable real-time tracking and geo-fencing.

From the company

“This is positioned as a slightly premium product from our portfolio, and while we will continue to focus on mass market electric vehicles, the AE-47 is a product which existing customers can aspire to upgrade to. It is a high-performance electric motorcycle and has a top speed of close to 100 kmph, and it’s a product which is premium and aspirational. Considering the strength of our network, we have lots of hopes on our new product range,” said Naveen Munjal, MD, Hero Electric.

The Hero AE 47 will be priced well above 1 lakh and will be launched at the end of this year.


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