MG is planning to display 14 vehicles at the Auto Expo 2020. One of them is the MG Hector Plus. Along with this, there will be Vision-i MPV and the D90. The most interesting of the line is the Baojun E200. This vehicle somewhat resembles the E2o from Mahindra. The MG e200 is ready to make its debut at the Auto Expo 2020.

Baojun E200

The news for the MG e200 will be essentially a two-seater mini electric vehicle. It will be the second electric vehicle from MG. The first one was the MG EZ. This vehicle is an updated vehicle of the E100. There are more than 100 updates on the vehicle. The Baojun E100 has been spied in India many times before. This vehicle has been seen in China as Baojun E200. The vehicle has been priced at RMB 54,800 to RMB 64,800. This is about Rs 5.67 lakhs. 

MG e200 – Daily City Car?

The e200 has an electric motor of 29 kW. This equals to 39 bhp of power. The torque on this car is 110 Nm. This comes in instantly from zero rpm. The battery pack is 24 kWh. This will give the vehicle a range of 210 km as seen on the Baojun E200. The vehicle is smaller than a hatchback and it only has provisions for 2 seats. If it has to make it to India it will need a lot of clever marketing. The concept of lack of parking space and parking hassles can be one thing that can be used. Also, this vehicle is in smaller in dimensions can be a perfect city car. The vehicle has 3.8 meters of turning radius. Also, the thing with small cars is that there is a notion that they will be low on storage capacity. But on the Baojun E200, there is ample of storage space. 

MG Features

Being a small capacity vehicle it does not compromise on features. The car gets a 7-inch touch screen instrument cluster. All the lights on the vehicle will be LED. There will be a complete car statistic on display along with nearest charging point information. The car also comes equipped with ABS paired with electronic brakeforce distribution. There is also a primitive stability control along with safety features. The international model does not get airbags but the Indian vehicle will need to have airbags according to safety norms.


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