Tata Motors has announced the launch of the Nexon EV. The launch is scheduled on 28th January.  This being an electric vehicle will be way more advanced than any other Tata Vehicle. The company has already displayed the app which will come along with the vehicle which will allow various diagnostic functions. The app is called the ZConnect app. The connected features give the user the feel of being technologically advance. This is a very smart move by Tata as they have correctly anticipated the consumers for this vehicle. The price at which this car is offered will be bought by people who want their second vehicle to be an electric vehicle so that they leave a smaller carbon.

These are the features which the users of the ZConnect app.

EV specific features

The app offers a few features which can be seen only on Electric vehicle. Remote monitoring of the charging status, charging history, available range and the nearest charging station. These will be seen handy while planing charging breaks.

Geo-Location Services

The ZConnect App lets the user to get Maps for navigation. This also allows planning trips based on charging stations. There is also a feature of live location sharing. This will allow users to share a live location with friends and relatives. This gives an additional security feature.

Key Fob Features

This ZConnect App allows users to use it like a normal car key remote. This will let them remote lock/unlock the vehicle. The option to switch on/off the lamp inside the vehicle and honk will also be provided in the App. Also, the air conditioner system can be completely controlled with the ZConnect App.

Security Features

The ZConnect App is programmed to send instant crash notifications. The vehicle will have an emergency SOS function along with panic notifications. The app can also be used to immobilise the vehicle in case of theft. There will also be a feature of dedicated 24×7 assistance and this can be used if the car gets stolen.

Tata nexon EV

Search Services

The ZConnect App lets users find the nearest charging station. This also gives preferential access at 300 charging stations across India. This also enables to search the nearest Tata Motors service station. All these features are provided to create a carfree environment around Electric vehicles.

Alert Services

The ZConnect App is designed to send 20 different instant alerts to inform users regarding the critical health of the vehicle. This also triggers when the safety parameters are compromised. Using the App the user can set a geofence for the vehicle. This can also be a time fence with a custom speed limit.

Driving Behaviour

The ZConnect App monitors the driving behaviour of the user. It provides a driving score at the end of every trip. The insights on the harsh braking and acceleration while using the vehicle is also recorded. This along with the average speed is provided to the user of the vehicle. The scorecard can also be shared among the inbuilt community of EV owners. Tata calls then Tribes. This result can also be shared on Social media too.


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