The Hero Passion has been this vehicle from Hero after the splendour which is a most preferred commuter in Hero’s line up. This bike is carburated and is BS4 compliant. Now as we are seeing the BS6 emissions norms closing we hope to see the Hero Passion BS6 soon. Here are a few things that we can expect on the Hero Passion BS6 soon. 

The Hero Passion BS6 is a vehicle which will get a major update. It is a carburated vehicle currently and so it will get the programmed fuel injection as on the Hero Splendour BS6 ismart. The bike will not see any drop in power. Getting a fuel injection means that the vehicle will be easier to start in cold. It will become more fuel-efficient and the power will feel more linear. These change will be seen in the engine. For the BS6 model, there will be a lot of cosmetic changes. The graphics of the vehicle will see a major flip. The instrument cluster of the vehicle will be a mix of digital and analogue. We might see a shift light if not a gear indicator. 

Hero Passion BS6

For now, the bike is available in 3 variants. 

  • Standard
  • Passion Pro 
  • Passion XPRO

Hero Passion BS6 Engine

The standard variant of the bike has a smaller engine displacement of 97.2 cc. It produces a power of 8.36 bhp. The bike has a max torque of 8 Nm. The pro has a 109cc engine. The engine is tuned for more torque. The 109cc engine produces a power of 7bhp and peak torque of 9 Nm. The bike has a top speed of 90 Km/h. Now with the BS6 update, we will see a drop in the power. The torque might remain constant. The pro version of the bike gets an i3s system and a kick starter too. The i3s system is useful and gives it an exceptional fuel economy of 83 km/l.

The last difference in the variant is the 12-litre fuel tank on the Standard variant. Both pro and Xpro variants have an 11 and 8-litre fuel tank respectively.The larger fuel tank and less price are the only reasons to buy the standard variant. We think that on this update of the Hero passion the standard version of the vehicle will be discontinued. The Pro and XPro will be seen with the new engine. The current price of the XPro variant is Rs 61,800. The BS6 variant will be about Rs 5000 to Rs 10000 expensive. This will be justified along with all the new design update and a few features. 

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Hero Passion BS6 instrument cluster


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