Hero Maestro Edge 125 BS6 is like an answer to the Honda Activa 125 BS6. This scooter was launched before the Honda Activa BS6 and so it became the first Fuel-injected scooter in India. The Maestro was launched with a 110cc vehicle. This smaller displacement scooter is still sold as a carburated variant of the Maestro. 

The Hero Maestro Edge 125 BS6 will get a different ECU setting for the fuel injector. This change along with a new catalytic converter will make this scooter BS6 ready. The current version of the Hero Maestro gets i3s system. This is similar to the start-stop feature that will be seen on the Activa 125 BS6. The vehicle is powered with a 124.6 cc BS6 compliant engine. The vehicle will need a remap on the ECU and a new catalytic convertor to become BS6 ready. This engine now produces of 9.1bhp and the peak torque of the vehicle is 10.2 Nm. The clutch on this vehicle is also a dry centrifugal clutch. This is a better upgrade for our climate conditions. The vehicle has a Variomatic Drive gearbox. The front wheels get telescopic suspensions. The rear gets a Single Coil spring Hydraulic type suspension. It also gets a front disc brake which is of 190 mm. The rear braking is managed with a drum brake. 

Hero Maestro Edge 125 BS6

The recently update vehicle gets a new red and black dual-tone colours scheme. The seat also gets a new texture. The scooter also gets alloy wheels which are paired with tubeless tyres making them the perfect city wanderers. Under the seat, the company offers a light and a USB charging socket. An external fuel filler make refuelling an easy task. Also, the fuel tank is of 5.5 litres. This is enough to give a range of 225 Km. The scooter is made to look modern with graphics at someplace over every body panel. The front also gets a LED day time running light. But the always-on Headlight robs the look of it. There are plenty of storage places on the scooter with a big boot and a hook at the front which can take a max weight of 3 Kgs. The instrument cluster is digital with an analogue dial for the speedometer. 

We expect that with the BS6 emission norms Hero will discontinue the carburated version of Maestro. The current price of the vehicle ranges from Rs 58,000 to Rs 60,000. The BS6 vehicle will see some price hike too. We expect it to be of Rs 5000. All in all, we see that with the BS6 emissions norms there is an increase in the number of scooters in the 125cc segment. 

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