2020 Maruti XL5 is a vehicle that will be based on the similar lines of the XL6. XL6 is a car that is like a premium version of the Maruti Ertiga. Ertiga was a vehicle that missed out on a lot of premium features but as it was a part of the travel industry the company missed out on private buyers. The XL6 is like a premium jacket over the Maruti Ertiga. The vehicle offers enough reason for private buyers to buy and explain that this is not a vehicle that you would get if you order a cab. This same logic applies to Maruti Wagon R. The Maruti XL5 is a vehicle that will break the stereotype of a wagon R being a cabbie. Selling it through Nexa also adds up to its premium feel

2020 Maruti XL5 Launch

Launch of the Maruti XL5 will be around the start of the year 2020. This will be targeted as a new year product. The company will push both XL5 and XL6 during new year which is the time when people buy new vehicles. The XL5 will have a grand launch wherein its features will be revealed in detail. Maruti has to work hard to make the XL5 look better than the regular WagonR. The name of the vehicle is not fixed yet. Is it Maruti WagonR XL5 or is it Maruti Stingray WagonR. This will also be clarified after the launch. The launch will also have a clarification of the price and specifications of the vehicle.

2020 Maruti XL5 Price

The price of the Wagon R starts from Rs 4.43 lakhs. This Maruti XL5 will have a price of around Rs 5.5 lakhs. The reason for this price is justified by its premium feel. The extra cost is for all the features that it will offer over the regular Wagon R and the overall cabin experience. There will be 2 variants of which the lower one will miss out on some of the cabin features. The top most variant will completely feature loaded.

Maruti Wagon R 2019 review intrior

2020 Maruti XL5 Interior

The interior of this vehicle will be plus and of better quality. The use of hard plastics will be minimal. The fit and finish of the knobs and the controls, stocks will be standard. The Maruti XL5 will borrow the instrument cluster from the XL6. This is an interesting proposition that will be offered on a car like the XL5. The interiors will be mostly black in colours. This might make the car look a bit cramped up from the inside but the big window area will compensate for that. The Maruti XL5 will have softer seats and the seat bolstering will be a bit better. We feel that the seats will be borrowed out from the Maruti Suzuki Swift. Even the interior styling might pick up some clues from there.

Maruti Wagon R 2019 interior

2020 Maruti XL5 Exterior

The Maruti Xl5 is on the exterior will have a flatter and bulkier stance on the hood. The car will get LED headlamps. The rear of the vehicle will also get a LED tail lamps. The Exterior also gets bigger body cladding and bigger wheels. The wheels have been picked up from the Maruti Ignis. The vehicle will also have a better badging at the rear.

StingRay Spied 2

2020 Maruti XL5 Safety

The Maruti XL5 safety will be much better than the WagonR. To start with it will get more airbags. There will be ABS as well as EBD. The car will make use of 65% high tensile steel which will not only improve the structural strength but will also make the car more stable at high speeds. 

2020 Maruti XL5 Colours

If this car is offered through Nexa line up we will surely offer with a Nexa Blue. This will be supported by the introduction of Black. The car will also have a White and a silver shade. There will be an orange and brown which will make up for the exotic colour option. Along with this, we are also expecting a dual-tone option which can be seen on the Ignis to continue on the Maruti XL5.  

StingRay Spied

  • White
  • Black
  • Nexa Blue
  • Sunset Orange
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Silver

2020 Maruti XL5 Specifications

The engine on the vehicle will be the same 1.2 litre petrol engine which will power the regular WagonR. The engine will produce a power of 67 bhp. The torque that this engine produces is of 90 Nm. The engine is really fuel-efficient and that’s the main reason why people buy this vehicle.

Engine Type
K10B Petrol Engine
Displacement (cc)998
Max Power (bhp@rpm)
Max Torque (nm@rpm)
No. of cylinder3
Valves Per Cylinder4
Valve ConfigurationDOHC
Gear Box5 Speed
Drive TypeFWD

The car will get a manual as well as AMT gearbox. This will be carried over directly from the WagonR and there won’t be any changes. The brakes on the front might be changed to disk brakes. The car will get the same wheels as on the Ignis. The top variant might get Diamond cut alloys. For now, there are no alloy wheels offered on the WagonR. The car will continue to have a turning radius of 4.7 meters and will be very easy while driving in the city.

2020 Maruti XL5 Competition

The biggest competition to the Maruti XL5 will be the Grand i10 Nios. The Maruti XL5 will beat the car at pricing but the quality, fit and finish will be something we will have to wait and see in person. Another car that it will be competing with will be the WagonR itself. It will be a simple matter of spending more for the car that looks slightly different and has a few features which do not matter in the long run.

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