trends in car industry good or bad

tata harrier split headlamps

One of the most common trends is split headlamps. It could be a love or hate design but many automobiles including BMW have adapted this new design.

mg gloster ADAS

Next we have ADAS as the most common element every automobile is trying to offer. However, thanks to MG, we are getting such safety tech at an affordable price.

hyundai venue connected tail lamps

Another design element that has picked up the trend is connected tail lamps. Again, something which even high-end luxury cars also offer!

mercedes benz too many displays

Now that's something which is not admired by all. A car with too many displays could be annoying and distracting. Also, it takes away the clean design of the dashboard.

tata and hyundai

Brands love launching special editions of the cars. Especially Tata, who launches special edition for all of its cars wherein they also update the feature list 

mg hector touchscreen

A trend which almost each one of us are hating! Afterall, who wants to dive inside a touchscreen to find a simple setting? One of the most annoying trend we are witnessing in car industry.