never do these things with an automatic gearbox

using both the legs

Using both legs in automatic cars causes more harm than good. Also, keeping a leg on the brake pedal can cause unnecessary wear & tear and will affect your car’s performance.

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Never put your car in neutral while downhill coasting as this reduces your control over the vehicle. The major issue is you can’t accelerate suddenly if a tricky situation arises.

driving in neutral on downhill slopes

changing gears quickly

You shouldn’t change gear before the car is completely at a stop. For example, never switch from reverse to drive, if you have not stopped properly. Such a manoeuvre puts unnecessary pressure on your transmission. Make sure your car is at a complete halt before changing the gear modes.

forgetting to shift to the parking brake

Failing to engage parking brake risks the transmission not fully locking, increasing the chance of the car rolling away. Always use the parking brake as an essential safety measure, especially on slopes or uneven surfaces, to prevent unintended movement while parked.

getting water in your transmission

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Avoid driving automatic cars over waterlogged roads or at least make sure the water is not more than half your wheel. If water enters your transmission it may cause irreversible damage and may prevent your transmission gears from shifting.

Driving frequently with less fuel

Contimants or foreign particles can settle at the bottom of the fuel tank over a while. If you drive on low fuel frequently there is a chance that they may damage the catalytic converter. So make sure you try to keep a quarter of fuel at all times in your automatic car.