The Hyundai Elite i20 is part of our long term fleet now and we have been enjoying using this premium hatchback. The Elite i20 has been Hyundai’s best seller for a while and had given a run for their money to many a cars in higher segments. Living with the Elite i20 is turning out to be a pleasant experience. We tell you more about it in the Hyundai Elite i20 Reli

Kms done: 2500

Repairs: 0

Mileage: 15km/l overall (in a mix of city and highway)

Hyundai Elite i20 Diesel Performance

This is an area where the Hyundai Elite i20 diesel shines. This is a 1.4-litre CRDI engine that churns out 89bhp @ 4000rpm. However it is the torque of 220Nm @1500rpm, that puts a smile on your face, when the car pulls strongly. There is a slight lag below 1800rpm, however, it is not much of a bother if kept in right gears. Another shot in the arm for the Elite i20 is the six-speed gearbox. It is a slick shifting unit and the 6th cog helps in comfortable cruising at triple digit speeds. It also helps in extracting better fuel efficiency.

Hyundai Elite i20 Diesel Mileage

The Elite i20 is returning us around 12-14 km/l in the city (traffic conditions). On the highway the mileage is significantly better, which is around 18-20km/l. This is while driving at speeds around 100-120km/h.

Hyundai Elite i20 Diesel Space

Space is something which can make a car feel premium and thats exactly the case with the Elite i20 too. The front as well as rear has excellent space, which beats a few sedans as well. The car is pretty wide too at 1734mm and can seat 3 adults quite comfortably at the rear.

Hyundai Elite i20 rear
Ample leg room at the rear

There are a good number of storage spaces too. All doors have large pockets that can hold a one-litre water bottle, as well as some knick-knacks. There are cup holders on the floor console and even a large sunglass holder on the roof, which is very convenient to operate. It can hold a different sizes of sunglasses. The boot is also spacious at 285 litres, enough for your grocery shopping or even a weekend trip.

One litre bottle in the rear door pocket

Hyundai Elite i20 Diesel Comfort

The engine is very refined. It has a mild clatter which is audible only on the outside, that too well muffled. The NVH levels are top class too as the cabin remains silent even under hard acceleration. Tyre noise and wind noise is also well controlled. The ride is quite pliant, only being a little firm at low speeds. The seats have right level of cushioning and are wide too. An automatic climate control with rear AC vents adds to the comfort factor. It even gets a cooled glovebox, to keep your chocolates from melting or even place small water bottles to keep them cool.

Cooled Glovebox

Now, these are the things that should differentiate a premium hatchback from others. Fortunately, the Elite i20 ticks the right boxes in most areas.


In the next report we will cover more on the driving dynamics, safety and features of the Elite i20


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